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Photo of Leathers, Sam Sam Leathers   12/19/2014
Photo of Cook, Lorraine Lorraine Cook   12/18/2014
Photo of Pegues, Carlos Carlos Pegues   12/16/2014
Photo of McCaskill, Shirley Shirley McCaskill   12/16/2014
Photo of Lowe, Sr., Melvin Melvin Lowe, Sr.   12/14/2014
Photo of Harrison, James James Harrison   12/13/2014
Photo of Hernandez, Maria Maria Hernandez   12/10/2014
Photo of Augustine, Nicholas Nicholas Augustine   12/09/2014
Photo of Haven, Dan Dan Haven   12/08/2014
Photo of Martin, Duane Duane Martin   12/08/2014
Photo of Kovacevich, Jr., Blago Blago Kovacevich, Jr.   12/07/2014
Photo of Parten, Wilma Wilma Parten   12/05/2014
Photo of Webb, James Robert James Robert Webb   12/02/2014
Photo of Cornell, Sandy Sandy Cornell   11/30/2014
Photo of Troutman, Edgar Edgar Troutman   11/29/2014
Photo of Burney, Geraldine Geraldine Burney   11/29/2014
Photo of Craig, Ray Ray Craig   11/28/2014
Photo of Wilson, Robin Robin Wilson   11/28/2014
(No Photo Available) Betty Maxstadt   11/26/2014
Photo of Nesmith, Jimmy Jimmy Nesmith   11/26/2014
Photo of Dyer, Jerry Jerry Dyer   11/14/2014
Photo of Tampke, Linda Linda Tampke   11/12/2014
Photo of Kennedy, Sharion Sharion Kennedy   11/10/2014
Photo of Watson, Cloteal Cloteal Watson   11/09/2014
Photo of Nguyen, Tony Tony Nguyen   11/03/2014
Photo of Moore, Susie Susie Moore   11/01/2014
Photo of Lane, John John Lane   10/30/2014
Photo of Windham, Mark Mark Windham   10/24/2014
(No Photo Available) Prince Canady   10/20/2014
Photo of Harrell, Clara Clara Harrell   10/15/2014
Photo of Grimes, Tommie Tommie Grimes   10/14/2014
Photo of (Winn) Jackson, Auby Auby (Winn) Jackson   10/12/2014
(No Photo Available) William Roberts   10/09/2014
(No Photo Available) Jerry Horton   10/08/2014
Photo of Langley, Alice Alice Langley   10/06/2014
Photo of Massengale, Margaret Margaret Massengale   10/05/2014
Photo of Gardner, Ferguson Ferguson Gardner   10/02/2014
Photo of Key, Everett Everett Key   09/26/2014
Photo of Karnei, Delbert Delbert Karnei   09/24/2014
Photo of Kindt Diserens, Emily Emily Kindt Diserens   09/24/2014
Photo of Tolar, Arthur Arthur Tolar   09/24/2014
Photo of Alverson-Sherman, Steven Steven Alverson-Sherman   09/20/2014
Photo of Irvine, Beverly Beverly Irvine   09/20/2014
Photo of Klentz, Linda Linda Klentz   09/20/2014
Photo of Adams, Virgie Virgie Adams   09/12/2014
Photo of Lee, Robert Robert Lee   09/11/2014
Photo of Call, Betty Betty Call   09/11/2014
Photo of Tomchesson, Garnold Garnold Tomchesson   09/07/2014
Photo of Richard, Emma Jane Emma Jane Richard   09/04/2014
Photo of Nealy, Curtis James Curtis James "Babe" Nealy   09/03/2014
Photo of Wardell, Mark Mark Wardell   09/01/2014
(No Photo Available) David Earl Harrison   09/01/2014
(No Photo Available) Lois LeMoine   08/28/2014
Photo of Dunn, Arthur Arthur Dunn   08/28/2014
Photo of Brooks, Earl Earl Brooks   08/25/2014
Photo of Helm, Herman Herman Helm   08/22/2014
Photo of Bowman, Brenda Brenda Bowman   08/14/2014
Photo of Bairfield, Dempsey Dempsey Bairfield   08/13/2014
Photo of Hillman, Jeffie Jeffie Hillman   08/12/2014
(No Photo Available) Dolores Alloy   08/03/2014
Photo of Proctor-Robertson, Shirley Shirley Proctor-Robertson   08/02/2014
Photo of Ellis, Johnny Johnny Ellis   07/31/2014
Photo of Walters, William William Walters   07/31/2014
Photo of Grimes, Druey Druey Grimes   07/27/2014
Photo of Dawson, Earnest Earnest Dawson   07/26/2014
Photo of Douthitt, Dora Dora Douthitt   07/25/2014
Photo of Sandel, Willie Willie Sandel   07/23/2014
Photo of Merriman, Mary Mary Merriman   07/22/2014
Photo of Teter, Oral Oral Teter   07/20/2014
(No Photo Available) Ruby Waters   07/19/2014
Photo of Riley, Donna Donna Riley   07/16/2014
Photo of Riley, Eva Eva Riley   07/16/2014
Photo of Recknor, William William Recknor   07/15/2014
Photo of Jones, M.D., Bob Bob Jones, M.D.   07/13/2014
Photo of Cowan, Jerald Jerald Cowan   07/13/2014
Photo of Cooper, James James Cooper   07/13/2014
Photo of Lankston, Cleatus Cleatus Lankston   07/10/2014
Photo of Diserens, Kaylynn Kaylynn Diserens   07/06/2014
Photo of Springfield, Jr., Calvert Calvert Springfield, Jr.   07/04/2014
(No Photo Available) Larry Jones, Jr.   07/03/2014
Photo of Taylor, Henry Henry Taylor   07/01/2014
Photo of Watson, Karen Karen Watson   06/26/2014
Photo of Brown, Estelle Estelle Brown   06/24/2014
Photo of Franklin, Earl Earl Franklin   06/22/2014
Photo of Johnson, Ray Ray Johnson   06/21/2014
(No Photo Available) Marshall Edwards   06/16/2014
Photo of Robinson, Kenneth Kenneth Robinson   06/14/2014
Photo of Turknett, William William Turknett   06/14/2014
Photo of Rayborn, Mildred Mildred Rayborn   06/14/2014
Photo of West, Charles Charles West   06/14/2014
Photo of Glasgow, Patricia Patricia Glasgow   06/06/2014
Photo of Moran Wells, Deborah Deborah Moran Wells   06/05/2014
Photo of Gilbert, Verna Verna Gilbert   06/04/2014
Photo of Shuldham, Alan Alan Shuldham   06/02/2014
Photo of Vogeler, Brookelyn Brookelyn Vogeler   06/01/2014
Photo of Ivey, Matthew Matthew Ivey   06/01/2014
Photo of McMahon, Mercedes Mercedes McMahon   05/28/2014
Photo of Roose, Patsy Patsy Roose   05/25/2014
Photo of Springer, Harvey Harvey Springer   05/15/2014
Photo of Wilcox, Elizabeth Elizabeth Wilcox   05/10/2014
Photo of Valencia-Ruiz, German German Valencia-Ruiz   05/08/2014
(No Photo Available) Joyce Jeffries   05/08/2014
Photo of Lankford, Jr., Bert Bert Lankford, Jr.   05/07/2014
Photo of Reneau, Randal Randal Reneau   05/04/2014
Photo of Harris, Linda Linda Harris   05/02/2014
Photo of Roberts, Sadie Sadie Roberts   05/02/2014
Photo of Wood, Wanda Wanda Wood   04/30/2014
Photo of Williams, Ruth Ruth Williams   04/30/2014
Photo of Sanders, Dorothy Dorothy Sanders   04/30/2014
Photo of West, Kate Kate West   04/29/2014
(No Photo Available) Linda Swann   04/28/2014
(No Photo Available) Raymond Montgomery   04/28/2014
(No Photo Available) Rosa Esquivel   04/19/2014
Photo of Savage, Lori Lori Savage   04/16/2014
Photo of Davis, Rosa Rosa Davis   04/15/2014
Photo of Cooper, Annie Annie Cooper   04/15/2014
Photo of Foster, Jo Ann Jo Ann Foster   04/13/2014
(No Photo Available) Helen Borden   04/13/2014
Photo of Murphy, Paula Paula Murphy   04/12/2014
Photo of (Smythe) Moritz, Patricia Patricia (Smythe) Moritz   04/11/2014
Photo of Stroade, Kenneth Kenneth Stroade   04/10/2014
Photo of Mosley, James James Mosley   04/06/2014
Photo of Schoen, Ashley Ashley Schoen   04/05/2014
Photo of Maner, Archie Archie Maner   04/05/2014
Photo of Gilbert, Wanda Wanda Gilbert   04/03/2014
Photo of Hibbetts, Janet Kay Janet Kay Hibbetts   04/01/2014
Photo of Payne, Rita Rita Payne   03/31/2014
Photo of LeGallez, Mary Mary LeGallez   03/30/2014
Photo of Brooks, Debra Debra Brooks   03/27/2014
Photo of Baylor, Reese Reese Baylor   03/24/2014
Photo of Saucedo, Charlotte Charlotte Saucedo   03/21/2014
Photo of Dueitt, Jr., Oscar Oscar Dueitt, Jr.   03/15/2014
Photo of Smith, Charles Charles Smith   03/13/2014
Photo of Bradbury Bullard, Rosa Rosa Bradbury Bullard   03/11/2014
Photo of West, Steve Steve West   03/10/2014
Photo of Newton, Ross Ross Newton   03/07/2014
Photo of Singletary, Mildred Mildred "Millie" Singletary   03/02/2014
Photo of Hale-Jones, Susan Susan Hale-Jones   02/27/2014
Photo of Lee, Wm. Wm. "Randy" Lee   02/25/2014
Photo of Fonseca Chavez, Jose Jose Fonseca Chavez   02/23/2014
Photo of Neeley, Gertrude Gertrude Neeley   02/23/2014
Photo of Mayes Jones, Evelena Evelena "Mama Lena" Mayes Jones   02/22/2014
(No Photo Available) Barbara McLain   02/19/2014
Photo of Cannon, Ercel Ercel Cannon   02/18/2014
(No Photo Available) Joy Warren   02/18/2014
(No Photo Available) Billy Key   02/15/2014
Photo of Weathers, Mildred Mildred Weathers   02/14/2014
Photo of Etheridge Oakes, Lena Lena Etheridge Oakes   02/12/2014
Photo of Haynie, Ebby Ebby Haynie   02/10/2014
Photo of Gore, Richard Richard Gore   02/09/2014
Photo of Lee, Charlie Charlie Lee   02/06/2014
Photo of Hall, Sue Sue Hall   02/06/2014
Photo of Morgan, James James Morgan   02/06/2014
Photo of Padon, Royce Royce Padon   02/05/2014
Photo of Williams, James James Williams   02/01/2014
Photo of Creamer, Hazel Hazel Creamer   01/29/2014
Photo of Williams, Carrol Carrol Williams   01/27/2014
Photo of Harrell, David David Harrell   01/25/2014
Photo of Carpenter, Charlsey Charlsey Carpenter   01/24/2014
Photo of Smith, Charles Charles Smith   01/23/2014
Photo of Barnett, Carolyn Carolyn Barnett   01/16/2014
Photo of Adams, Mamie Mamie Adams   01/15/2014
Photo of Pierce, Kathy Kathy Pierce   01/12/2014
Photo of Sanders, Darl Darl Sanders   01/11/2014
Photo of Carey, Dianne Dianne Carey   01/09/2014
Photo of Pate, Alvin Alvin Pate   01/05/2014
Photo of King, Thomas Thomas King   01/04/2014
Photo of Womack, Kathleen Kathleen Womack   01/03/2014
Photo of Easterling, Ray Ray Easterling   01/02/2014
Photo of Hill, Robert  Robert "Bob" Hill   01/01/2014
Photo of Sanford, James James Sanford   01/01/2014
Photo of Easterling, Dr. Arthur Dr. Arthur Easterling   12/30/2013
Photo of Garza, Adolfo Adolfo Garza   12/28/2013
(No Photo Available) Harvey Rogers   12/25/2013
(No Photo Available) W. Dale Boyd   12/25/2013
Photo of Carmichael, Bobbie Bobbie Carmichael   12/24/2013
Photo of Haven, Frances Frances Haven   12/23/2013
Photo of Mosley, David David Mosley   12/22/2013
Photo of Eddins, Hubert Hubert Eddins   12/22/2013
Photo of Curtis, Melvin Melvin Curtis   12/21/2013
Photo of Herrera, Zapopan Zapopan Herrera   12/20/2013
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