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Born: August 29, 1936

Place of Birth: Leicester, England

Death: May 4, 2010

Place of Death: Victorville, California

Occupation: Teacher

Hobbies: Playing piano, Painting, Reading, Gardening, Gambling, cooking, cars and Talking.

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Mary Angus

    August 29, 1936  -  May 4, 2010

Life Legacy

E. Mary Angus born 29, August 1936 Leicester England, to Thomas and Olive Percival, the only daughter of three children, died at age 73,
4 May 2010, In Victorville, CA.

E Mary Angus and her husband C. Ray, of 45 years (who passed away June 2009) moved from Spokane Washington to California in 1987. She proudly taught in the Silver Valley School District for 22 years. She was first generation of her posterity to immigrant to the United States at the age of nineteen. Mary Angus leaves behind a legacy of love and learning and will be remembered by many. She was a devoted wife, Mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, teacher and friend whom never met a stranger.

She is survived by,
Mary Washburn & husband Tom Victorville CA
Suszanna L. Paxton & husband J.C. Victorville CA
Thomas Raymond & wife Cheryl Tacoma WA

Her brother Ken Percival & wife Shirley Ione WA
and many other relatives in England

18 Grand children:
Brandon Dimick & wife Angel
Ashleigh Sellers & husband Shenn
Blake Dimick
Tobin Earl & wife Aubry
Joel Earl & wife Kristen
Justin Winters
Brittne Rodriguez & husband Anthony
Justin Earl
Ember Angus
Alexandrea Wright & husband Lucas
Tykie Paxton
Christian Angus
Kelsey Paxton
J. Cameron Angus Paxton
Hunter Winters

16 Great Grand Children:
Murphy, Madison, Perrin, Devon, Aleise, Conor, Pason, Jeremiah, Aden, Aizlyn, Mckenzee, Raychelle-Lynn, Laura, Espin, Addyson

Mary was an incredible teacher and wonderful friend. She will be missed by many friends and her adoring family. We will all meet again and have a great re-union.

Memorial service will be held on May 15th at 2:00 LDS Church 12860 Amethyst Rd. Victorville.


On August 29th, 1936 Edith Mary Angus arrived on this earth. She was born in Leicester England to proud parents (Thomas & Olive Percival). Had that event not occurred none of our lives would have been the same.

She was known by many names: Our Mary, Marie, mommy, mom, maudie, magraw, grandma, gee gee, love, Mrs. Angus and my favorite g-ma.

Mary Always had a passion for reading. When she was three years old she walked to the nearby school and told the head Master she could read now and wanted to go to school. The Head Master called her mother and told her and they decided to let her go. She was a natural leader all through school. Not always going with the flow could occasionally get her into trouble. If she thought something should be changed she was always willing to fight for it. She didn’t believe in complaining and not take action. Stand up for what you believe in. She also was the captain of the school hockey team. She liked to let us know that she was once athletic because after she broke her back at age 26, her will and drive to always try and play was there but the ability was gone.

Being raised the only girl with two brothers she could be very spoiled. As a teenager her mother use to draw her bath and lay out her clothes. I think she always believed she was really royalty. She was the light of her father’s eye and he bought her anything her heart desired. He was very heartbroken when her weakness for a man in uniform eventually brought her to the United States as a new 19 year old bride. She only returned to England a handful of time since she left but she always had loving memories of her childhood and her family. Her father raised prize roses and his love of flowers and gardening was past on to his daughter. She had a green thumb. She could grow flowers in the desert that weren’t supposed to grow here. She always said if you talk to them and give them enough water anything can grow. So she did just that . Her yards where always beautiful when she was taking care of them. She taught us many English traditions which we still have today.

Grandma always believed if there was a will there was a way. She wanted children very badly. By the age of 22 she had lost 11 children through miscarriages, tubule pregnancies, still births and one little boy that lived for a few hours. It was no wonder that her children and grandchildren were the best in the world. She let everyone know it too. Including all of us. She believed all of her children and grandchildren were miricles.

There wasn’t anything that you couldn’t go to grandma for. Advice, to talk, a hug, a cry, money and she never judged you for any reason. She always said everything would work out. Money was only recycled from one person to the next it didn’t mean whole lot.

One of my favorite things to go to her for was her cooking. She loved to cook and boy was she a good cook.

By the age of 30 grandma was a widow with three little ones under 7 in a country that was foreign to her. She contemplated going back to England and decided to raise her children in America.

Her love of education and learning continued through her entire life. Her goal of becoming a teacher came true after she raised her children and went back to the University. She was top of her class and earned straight A’s all the way through her Masters. She eventually became an English Teacher. She came to California to teach at Silver Valley School District. She was a very dedicated teacher. She was so happy teaching. Like everything else she did in life her passion could consumer her. She never left her job when she came home. I remember many times when she wanted to help students that were having a hard time in life and would cry for them. Grandpa told her she could not bring home every student she wanted to help. She would of if she could. She would have given anyone the shirt off her back if they needed it. She taught at Silver Valley for 19 years and when she retired she wanted to go back every day. She missed teaching. She did return last summer to teach summer school because Dr. Sypkins called her and said, “we need an excellent English teacher to help these students pass the exit exam.” She went back and was happy to be there. Over the years many of her students called her at home after they had graduated from College and thanked her for helping them reach their goals. She was always happy to hear form them. She never stopped teaching. I remember a few days before she died she taught me a lesson on compassion. She was hurting laying in the hospital and she felt sorry for the lady in the bed next to her. She said someone help her, tell her I’m sorry, she felt bad that the lady was hurting.

Grandma was very happy, outgoing and full of life. She was always the center of a party. People loved to tease with her and she could always make you laugh. She was a good sport and up for any game or going anywhere from trying her hand at basketball, golf, riding a scooter, arm wrestling, wrestling, fishing and gambling. Her favorite game was scrabble and we did not like to play with her because we always lost. Her love of a debate was known by all. Sometimes it didn’t matter to her if she believed the side she was debating for or not, she just loved the interaction and stimulation the conversation could become.

Her legacy and example of love, kindness, acceptance, laughter and living life to the fullest will live on for generations to come. I am a better person because of my grandma and I believe each of you are too.

She will be greatly missed and never forgotten. I love you grandma.