34-38 North Reamstown Road
Post Office Pox 94
Reamstown, PA 17567-0094
Fax - 717-336-7673


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Photo of Zimmerman, Mary Ann Mary Ann Zimmerman   11/23/2014
Photo of Buchter, Earl H. Earl H. Buchter   11/17/2014
Photo of Keller Henly, Susanna Mae Susanna Mae Keller Henly   11/08/2014
Photo of Hanafin, Kathryn P. (Sheehan) Kathryn P. (Sheehan) Hanafin   11/06/2014
Photo of Pennabecker, Willard L. Willard L. Pennabecker   10/26/2014
Photo of Kakas, Loretta A. Loretta A. Kakas   10/13/2014
Photo of Texter, Leon L. Leon L. "Tex" Texter   10/10/2014
Photo of Simmons, Brett James Brett James Simmons   09/26/2014
Photo of McCoy Hironimus, June M. June M. McCoy Hironimus   09/25/2014
Photo of Fry, Alverta A. Alverta A. Fry   09/24/2014
Photo of Buckwalter, Betty J. Harting Betty J. Harting Buckwalter   09/10/2014
Photo of Staaby, Eric R. Eric R. Staaby   08/30/2014
Photo of Sweigart, Raymond Raymond "Cliff" Sweigart   08/29/2014
Photo of Lied, Mae I. Mae I. Lied   08/28/2014
Photo of Moyer, Lyda Mae Lyda Mae Moyer   08/23/2014
Photo of Kline, Van E. Van E. Kline   08/13/2014
Photo of Ansel, Esta M. Esta M. Ansel   08/10/2014
Photo of Youndt, Ethyl M. Ethyl M. Youndt   08/02/2014
Photo of Sweigart, Donna L. Donna L. Sweigart   07/31/2014
Photo of Hiles, Marie B. Marie B. Hiles   07/29/2014
Photo of Ansel, Arlene W. Arlene W. Ansel   07/27/2014
Photo of Shirk, Allen B. Allen B. Shirk   07/19/2014
Photo of Harting, Charlie Elizabeth Charlie Elizabeth Harting   07/18/2014
Photo of Colon, Sr., Leoncio C. Leoncio C. Colon, Sr.   07/11/2014
Photo of Lausch, Russell E. Russell E. Lausch   07/08/2014
Photo of Risser, Nancy Bishop Nancy Bishop Risser   07/01/2014
Photo of Boyer, Catherine M. Catherine M. Boyer   06/16/2014
Photo of Good, Betty M. Betty M. Good   06/11/2014
Photo of Kramer, Edwin R. Edwin R. Kramer   05/26/2014
Photo of Luckenbill, Thelma A. Thelma A. Luckenbill   05/14/2014
Photo of Sweigert, Fern Arlene Fern Arlene Sweigert   05/05/2014
Photo of Clark, Patricia J. Patricia J. Clark   05/05/2014
Photo of Gensemer, Richard R. Richard R. "Cotton" Gensemer   05/05/2014
Photo of Gensemer, Scott L. Scott L. Gensemer   04/27/2014
Photo of Nussbaum, Ruth Ann Ruth Ann Nussbaum   04/20/2014
Photo of Katerman, Ursula P. Ursula P. Katerman   04/12/2014
Photo of McCarty, Stena Rosene Stena Rosene "Teenie" McCarty   04/08/2014
Photo of McQuate, Estella Estella McQuate   04/07/2014
Photo of Doersom, Mary E. Mary E. Doersom   04/03/2014
Photo of Leed, Dorothy B. Dorothy B. Leed   03/18/2014
Photo of Bixler, Galen S. Galen S. Bixler   03/16/2014
Photo of Huston, Mary Ellen Mary Ellen Huston   03/09/2014
Photo of Boggs, Patricia L. Patricia L. Boggs   03/06/2014
Photo of Keith, Leon A. Leon A. Keith   03/02/2014
Photo of Peters (Wertz), Frances A. Frances A. "Fran" Peters (Wertz)   03/01/2014
Photo of Eifert, Joan A. Joan A. Eifert   02/19/2014
Photo of Frey, Judith C. Judith C. Frey   01/31/2014
Photo of Kring, Shirley A. Shirley A. Kring   01/22/2014
Photo of Shope, David L. David L. Shope   01/21/2014
Photo of Kimball, Joan I. Joan I. Kimball   01/17/2014
Photo of Gockley, Lynn B. Lynn B. Gockley   01/13/2014
Photo of Martin, Mary Alice Mary Alice "Mama Roadkill" Martin   01/09/2014
Photo of Gates, Elaine M. Elaine M. Gates   12/16/2013
Photo of Bishop, Oluf R. Oluf R. Bishop   12/14/2013
Photo of Schonour, Kathryn Kathryn "Betty" Schonour   12/07/2013
Photo of Harting, William William Harting   12/05/2013
Photo of Shober, Dorothy Dorothy Shober   11/29/2013
Photo of Weitzel, Edith Edith Weitzel   11/25/2013
Photo of Ulrich, Nelson Nelson Ulrich   11/25/2013
Photo of Wise, Paul Paul Wise   10/26/2013
Photo of Schlegel, Joann Joann Schlegel   10/23/2013
Photo of Arnold, David David Arnold   10/20/2013
Photo of Moore Herr, Brenda Brenda Moore Herr   10/15/2013
Photo of Marks, Alexander Alexander Marks   10/09/2013
Photo of Miller, Scott Scott Miller   10/07/2013
Photo of Nevling, Robert Robert Nevling   09/18/2013
Photo of Unruh, Benjamin Benjamin Unruh   09/17/2013
Photo of Haldeman, Christ Christ Haldeman   08/22/2013
Photo of Thao, Nhia Long Nhia Long Thao   08/17/2013
Photo of Ochs, Royce Royce Ochs   08/16/2013
Photo of Withers, Raymond Raymond Withers   08/13/2013
Photo of Becker, Arlene Arlene Becker   08/06/2013
Photo of Wise, Lottie Lottie Wise   08/02/2013
Photo of Brendle, Joyce Joyce Brendle   07/19/2013
Photo of Trostle, Glenn Glenn Trostle   07/19/2013
Photo of Allen, James James Allen   07/05/2013
Photo of Martzall, Chester Chester Martzall   07/03/2013
Photo of Shimp, Mildred Mildred Shimp   07/02/2013
Photo of Weinhold, Helen Helen Weinhold   07/01/2013
Photo of Howe, Jeanne Jeanne Howe   06/29/2013
Photo of Hilbush, Howard Howard Hilbush   06/06/2013
Photo of Withers, Anna Anna Withers   05/21/2013
Photo of Justice, Rev. H. James Rev. H. James Justice   05/11/2013
Photo of Wolf, Gilbert Gilbert Wolf   05/07/2013
Photo of Beck, Daniel Daniel Beck   04/12/2013
Photo of Hanafin, Donald Donald Hanafin   04/05/2013
Photo of Cahill, June June Cahill   04/01/2013
Photo of Miller, Kevin Kevin Miller   03/23/2013
Photo of Burkhart, Melvin Melvin Burkhart   03/20/2013
Photo of Youndt, Catherine Catherine Youndt   03/16/2013
Photo of Trostle, Della Della Trostle   03/12/2013
Photo of Weiler, Douglas Douglas Weiler   03/05/2013
Photo of Cuff, Noel Noel Cuff   02/27/2013
Photo of Miller, Laurie Laurie Miller   02/27/2013
Photo of Crimmins, Robert Robert Crimmins   02/20/2013
Photo of Flick, Kira Kira Flick   02/17/2013
Photo of Martzall, Ellis Ellis Martzall   02/10/2013
Photo of Martin, Alma Alma Martin   02/06/2013
Photo of Sweigart, Ruth Ruth Sweigart   02/03/2013
Photo of Gass, George George Gass   01/18/2013
Photo of Rutt, Jennie Jennie Rutt   01/16/2013
Photo of Leonard, Michael Michael Leonard   01/14/2013
Photo of Weaver, Phoebe Phoebe Weaver   01/11/2013
Photo of Barnett, Bernetha Bernetha Barnett   01/07/2013
Photo of Stoyer, Daniel Daniel Stoyer   01/06/2013
Photo of Stoyer, Betty Betty Stoyer   01/06/2013
Photo of Sensenig, Harriet Harriet Sensenig   01/02/2013
Photo of Schweitzer, Annabelle Annabelle Schweitzer   12/29/2012
Photo of Wenger, C. Virginia C. Virginia Wenger   12/26/2012
Photo of Ansel, Kathy Kathy Ansel   12/20/2012
Photo of Smaltz, John John Smaltz   12/17/2012
Photo of Arnold, Winifred Winifred Arnold   12/16/2012
Photo of Kindt, Donald Donald Kindt   12/08/2012
Photo of Eberhart, Sr., Henry Henry Eberhart, Sr.   12/08/2012
Photo of Fosnocht, Charles Charles Fosnocht   12/07/2012
Photo of Bair, Ruth Ruth Bair   12/04/2012
Photo of Ravegum, Marian Marian Ravegum   11/29/2012
Photo of Signorelli, John John Signorelli   11/21/2012
Photo of Deibler, C. Earl C. Earl Deibler   11/13/2012
Photo of Hertzog, Raymond Raymond Hertzog   11/09/2012
Photo of Martzall, Virginia Virginia Martzall   11/04/2012
Photo of Kha, Cha Cha Kha   11/02/2012
Photo of Martin, Mark Mark Martin   11/01/2012
Photo of Wenrich, Franklin Franklin Wenrich   10/24/2012
Photo of Lefever, Dorothy Dorothy Lefever   10/13/2012
Photo of Ricketts, Jr., Wallington Wallington Ricketts, Jr.   10/02/2012
Photo of Buch, Robert Robert Buch   10/01/2012
Photo of Turner, Elizabeth Elizabeth Turner   09/30/2012
Photo of Althouse, James James Althouse   09/18/2012
Photo of Fry, Berniece Berniece Fry   09/15/2012
Photo of Hainley, Catherine Catherine Hainley   09/14/2012
Photo of Birchall, Warren Warren Birchall   09/14/2012
Photo of Dolla, Susan Susan Dolla   09/13/2012
Photo of Innes, Candice Candice Innes   08/20/2012
Photo of Zimmerman, Ethel Ethel Zimmerman   08/03/2012
Photo of Whitaker, Eleanor Eleanor Whitaker   08/01/2012
Photo of Mentzer, Randolph Randolph Mentzer   07/29/2012
Photo of Ansel, Warren Warren Ansel   07/25/2012
Photo of Ansel, Dorothy Dorothy Ansel   07/22/2012
Photo of Wimer, William R. William R. Wimer   07/17/2012
Photo of Nelson, Priscilla A. Priscilla A. Nelson   07/12/2012
Photo of Stork, Mildred I. Mildred I. Stork   07/08/2012
Photo of Stauffer, Beatrice J. Beatrice J. Stauffer   06/26/2012
Photo of Wartschlager, Arlene M. Arlene M. Wartschlager   06/24/2012
Photo of Zerbe, Laura Laura Zerbe   06/12/2012
Photo of Kessler, Stewart W. Stewart W. Kessler   06/09/2012
Photo of Glass, Verna M. Verna M. Glass   05/26/2012
Photo of Simpson, Lindsee Storm Lindsee Storm Simpson   05/25/2012
Photo of Ansel, Ralph Vernon Ralph Vernon Ansel   05/15/2012
Photo of Weller, Gladys H. Gladys H. Weller   05/09/2012
Photo of Good, Anna R. Anna R. Good   05/04/2012
Photo of Moser, Carmela Carmela Moser   04/28/2012
Photo of Kitch, John H. John H. Kitch   04/26/2012
Photo of Wike, Randy Randy Wike   04/25/2012
Photo of Briggs, Audrey E. Audrey E. Briggs   04/24/2012
Photo of Hoch, Gertrude A. Gertrude A. Hoch   04/18/2012
Photo of Dickersheid, Jr., Walter E. Walter E. Dickersheid, Jr.   04/17/2012
Photo of Young, Ruth E. Ruth E. Young   04/17/2012
Photo of McMullen, Jr., Leon M. Leon M. McMullen, Jr.   04/12/2012
Photo of Dupler, Carolyn A. Carolyn A. Dupler   04/09/2012
Photo of Fick, Patti A. Patti A. Fick   04/04/2012
Photo of Stork, Katherine G. Katherine G. Stork   04/04/2012
Photo of Zerbe, Douglas L. Douglas L. Zerbe   04/04/2012
Photo of Kutz, Franklin E. Franklin E. Kutz   04/01/2012
Photo of Moyer, Paul E. Paul E. Moyer   03/28/2012
Photo of Margerum, Kathleen M. Kathleen M. Margerum   03/23/2012
Photo of Roth, Jr., Howard N. Howard N. Roth, Jr.   03/14/2012
Photo of Corwin, Jr., John F. John F. Corwin, Jr.   03/13/2012
Photo of Flood, Ernest P. Ernest P. Flood   03/06/2012
Photo of Hamilton, Helen E. Helen E. Hamilton   03/05/2012
Photo of Slusser, William F. William F. Slusser   03/01/2012
Photo of Kieffer, Nevin E. Nevin E. Kieffer   02/21/2012
Photo of Martin, Dorothy M. Dorothy M. Martin   02/19/2012
Photo of Beck, Edwin S., Jr. Edwin S., Jr. Beck   02/18/2012
Photo of Ford, Lorraine E. Lorraine E. Ford   02/10/2012
Photo of Ansel, Kenneth W. Kenneth W. Ansel   02/07/2012
Photo of Sweigert, Pauline E. Pauline E. Sweigert   02/02/2012
Photo of Schmeck, Barry R. Barry R. Schmeck   01/31/2012
Photo of Hackman, Mildred A. Mildred A. Hackman   01/14/2012
Photo of Meckley, Darcy Jo Darcy Jo Meckley   01/13/2012
Photo of Mumma, Joyce L. Joyce L. Mumma   01/02/2012
Photo of BUCKWALTER, Carl R. "Bucky" Carl R. "Bucky" BUCKWALTER   12/29/2011
Photo of KRING, Catherine E. "Katie" Catherine E. "Katie" KRING   12/26/2011
Photo of WOLF, Arthur Z. Arthur Z. WOLF   12/17/2011
Photo of HARTRANFT, Lucille M. (Leid) Lucille M. (Leid) HARTRANFT   12/13/2011
Photo of GARNER, Walter S. Walter S. GARNER   12/12/2011
Photo of MOYER, Louise "Sissy" (Smit Louise "Sissy" (Smit MOYER   12/06/2011
Photo of KURTZ, Mary Jane (Haldeman) Mary Jane (Haldeman) KURTZ   12/03/2011
Photo of ORBACH, Loretta (Slavinski) Loretta (Slavinski) ORBACH   11/30/2011
Photo of BURKHOLDER, Paul S. Paul S. BURKHOLDER   11/21/2011
Photo of ARTZ, Violet G. (Sweigart) Violet G. (Sweigart) ARTZ   11/13/2011
Photo of JONES, John F. John F. JONES   11/04/2011
Photo of ADAIR, Barry J. Barry J. ADAIR   10/26/2011
Richard E. "Rick" KEEN   10/24/2011
Photo of RISSER, James H. James H. RISSER   10/22/2011
Photo of PLANK, Robin L. (Brown) Robin L. (Brown) PLANK   10/17/2011
Photo of SWEIGART, Pierce D. Pierce D. SWEIGART   10/17/2011
Photo of SWEIGART, Delores M. (Knier) Delores M. (Knier) SWEIGART   10/10/2011
Photo of STUTZ, John H. John H. STUTZ   10/09/2011
Photo of CHONGTUA, Youa Y. Youa Y. CHONGTUA   09/23/2011
Photo of NOLL, Harold E. Harold E. NOLL   09/20/2011
Jack E. KRICK   09/18/2011
Photo of OVERHOLSER, Margaret F. (Reddig) Margaret F. (Reddig) OVERHOLSER   09/08/2011
Photo of WOOD, Margaret Betty (Whitmarsh) Margaret Betty (Whitmarsh) WOOD   08/29/2011
Photo of GEHMAN, Elizabeth R. "Betsy" Elizabeth R. "Betsy" GEHMAN   08/28/2011
Photo of HUBLER, Eugene Wesley Eugene Wesley HUBLER   08/25/2011
Photo of MOHN, Lavern R. Lavern R. MOHN   08/25/2011
Photo of SEIFRIT, Robert E. Robert E. SEIFRIT   08/09/2011
Photo of SCHLACK, June E. (Fritz) June E. (Fritz) SCHLACK   08/08/2011
Photo of EBERLY, Richard T. Richard T. EBERLY   08/02/2011
Photo of LO, Bouachay Bouachay LO   08/02/2011
Photo of BIXLER, Leon H. Leon H. BIXLER   07/22/2011
Photo of YANG, Xee Xee YANG   07/20/2011
Photo of FRANKHOUSER, Rick G. Rick G. FRANKHOUSER   06/25/2011
Photo of YOUNG, Lester H. Lester H. YOUNG   06/19/2011
William J., Sr. MOSER   06/16/2011
Photo of BENDER, Titus D. Titus D. BENDER   06/09/2011
Photo of BOGGS, Samuel Paul Samuel Paul BOGGS   06/06/2011
Photo of TRACEY, Cherie L. (Hersh) Cherie L. (Hersh) TRACEY   05/09/2011
Photo of BEZLER, E. June (Wilson) E. June (Wilson) BEZLER   05/06/2011
Victor SHIMP   05/02/2011
Photo of CONDON, Joan W. (Sacks) Joan W. (Sacks) CONDON   04/27/2011
Photo of ANISIMOVA, Anna M. (Molchanov) Anna M. (Molchanov) ANISIMOVA   04/20/2011
Photo of GREENLY, Carl L. Carl L. GREENLY   04/20/2011
Photo of MOHLER, Michael P. "Mike" Michael P. "Mike" MOHLER   04/13/2011
Photo of REICH, Arthur E. Arthur E. REICH   04/07/2011
Photo of FRY, Franklin D. Franklin D. FRY   04/04/2011
Photo of LAUKHUFF, Barbara L. (Flickinger) Barbara L. (Flickinger) LAUKHUFF   04/02/2011
Photo of ALTHOUSE, Hazel V. (Coldren) Hazel V. (Coldren) ALTHOUSE   03/29/2011
Photo of HUYETT, Edythe B. (Gilbert) Edythe B. (Gilbert) HUYETT   03/25/2011
Photo of WANNER, Violet F. (Ruhl) Violet F. (Ruhl) WANNER   03/23/2011
Photo of KITCH, Arline (Zeiset) Arline (Zeiset) KITCH   02/27/2011
Photo of WISE, Gladys J. (Smith) Gladys J. (Smith) WISE   02/13/2011
Photo of SHOBER, Randall L. "Randy" Randall L. "Randy" SHOBER   02/02/2011
Photo of GRUBER, Lawrence H. Lawrence H. GRUBER   01/31/2011
Photo of ADAIR, Harry L. Harry L. ADAIR   01/18/2011
Photo of KRAMER, Melvin E. Melvin E. KRAMER   01/18/2011
Photo of SCHUTTER, Mary Jane (Leed) Mary Jane (Leed) SCHUTTER   01/16/2011
Photo of STAUFFER, Ivan W. Ivan W. STAUFFER   12/30/2010
Photo of EBERLY, Stanley D. Stanley D. EBERLY   12/22/2010
Photo of BRUBAKER, Kathryn M. (Fraytic) Kathryn M. (Fraytic) BRUBAKER   12/18/2010
Photo of UNRUH, June A. (Gerhart) June A. (Gerhart) UNRUH   12/09/2010
Photo of BAKER, Kenneth E. Kenneth E. BAKER   12/04/2010
Photo of HARTING, Tara Lynn Tara Lynn HARTING   12/03/2010
Photo of FRANKHOUSER, H. Gene H. Gene FRANKHOUSER   11/13/2010
Photo of SCHOCH, Theresa Carol (Baumgartner) Theresa Carol (Baumgartner) SCHOCH   11/11/2010
Photo of SPEIGNER, Edith M. (Carr) Edith M. (Carr) SPEIGNER   11/08/2010
Photo of MUSSELMAN, Myrtle M. (Stork) Myrtle M. (Stork) MUSSELMAN   11/07/2010
Photo of WANNER, Sandra J. (Manwiller) Sandra J. (Manwiller) WANNER   11/07/2010
Photo of FRITZ, Phoebe E. (Rupp) Phoebe E. (Rupp) FRITZ   11/02/2010
Photo of HORNING, Eugene S. Eugene S. HORNING   11/02/2010
Photo of ANSEL, Elizabeth G. "Betty" Elizabeth G. "Betty" ANSEL   10/25/2010
Photo of GRESS, Betty L. (Lorah) Betty L. (Lorah) GRESS   10/24/2010
Photo of ZIMMERMAN, Norman L. Norman L. ZIMMERMAN   10/23/2010
Photo of PRIGA, Edward J. Edward J. PRIGA   10/11/2010
Photo of WHITEKETTLE, Paul H. Paul H. WHITEKETTLE   09/20/2010
Photo of HARROWER, Christopher A. Christopher A. HARROWER   09/18/2010
Photo of BEZLER, Michael G. Michael G. BEZLER   09/13/2010
Photo of LOR, Youa "Ty" Youa "Ty" LOR   09/09/2010
Photo of MILLER, Anna E. (Keller) Anna E. (Keller) MILLER   09/02/2010
Photo of KHANG, Lou Lou KHANG   08/25/2010
Photo of DEMMING, Mamie Jane Mamie Jane DEMMING   08/06/2010
Rex A. HOLMES   08/05/2010
Photo of HOUSER, Irene V. (Lambert) Irene V. (Lambert) HOUSER   07/24/2010
Photo of ZIEMER, Edna M. "Dolly" (Gro Edna M. "Dolly" (Gro ZIEMER   07/21/2010
Photo of BALDWIN, Michael James, Sr. Michael James, Sr. BALDWIN   07/17/2010
Photo of ADE, Martha J. "Marty" (W Martha J. "Marty" (W ADE   07/07/2010
Photo of BRENDLE, Marvin "Sparky" Marvin "Sparky" BRENDLE   06/27/2010
Photo of WITMER, Elaine R. Elaine R. WITMER   06/18/2010
Photo of BEAMESDERFER, Elva C. (Sweigart) Elva C. (Sweigart) BEAMESDERFER   06/07/2010
Photo of MOSKAL, Brian E. Brian E. MOSKAL   05/22/2010
Photo of TEXTER, Lawrence W. Lawrence W. TEXTER   05/22/2010
Photo of COLEMAN, A. John A. John COLEMAN   05/22/2010
Photo of GRUMBLING, Robert A. Robert A. GRUMBLING   05/19/2010
Photo of MORRISEY, Joan M. (Neubert) Joan M. (Neubert) MORRISEY   04/25/2010
Photo of ORNER, Sharon L. (Fry) Sharon L. (Fry) ORNER   04/25/2010
Photo of TERRESON, Robert Harley, Sr. Robert Harley, Sr. TERRESON   04/24/2010
Photo of MOSKAL, Alexandrea E. "Lexie" Alexandrea E. "Lexie" MOSKAL   04/17/2010
Photo of ECKENROTH, Ralph E. "Ecky" Ralph E. "Ecky" ECKENROTH   04/15/2010
Photo of LORAH, Elva R. (Renninger) Elva R. (Renninger) LORAH   04/12/2010
Photo of KAUFFMAN, Margaret F. (Bingaman) Margaret F. (Bingaman) KAUFFMAN   04/09/2010
Photo of EFFINGER, Dorothy R. "Dot" (Ge Dorothy R. "Dot" (Ge EFFINGER   04/06/2010
Photo of WOOD, Landon "Bluey" Landon "Bluey" WOOD   04/03/2010
Photo of SPRATLIN, Nancy L. (Hurst) Nancy L. (Hurst) SPRATLIN   03/28/2010
Photo of GRIMLEY, Mildred M. (Hess) Mildred M. (Hess) GRIMLEY   03/21/2010
Photo of ZELGINA, Lidiya D. (Sanduliak) Lidiya D. (Sanduliak) ZELGINA   03/20/2010
Antoinette "Toni" LIVENGOOD   03/19/2010
Bernetha (Althouse) MESSNER   03/09/2010
Photo of DIRKS, Paul C. Paul C. DIRKS   03/07/2010
Photo of ENCK, Donald L. Donald L. ENCK   03/05/2010
Photo of SCHWEITZER, Margaret H. (Borry) Margaret H. (Borry) SCHWEITZER   03/03/2010
Photo of WEINHOLD, Ricky Dale Ricky Dale WEINHOLD   02/28/2010
Norma Charlotte (White) HARTZELL   02/28/2010
Photo of SWEIGART, Mabel H. (Young) Mabel H. (Young) SWEIGART   02/22/2010
Photo of EWARD, Benjamin O. "Ben" Benjamin O. "Ben" EWARD   02/21/2010
Gail L. (Girard) KNAPP   02/19/2010
Photo of SWEIGART, Harold L. Harold L. SWEIGART   02/14/2010
Photo of ABER-URAM, Donna L. Donna L. ABER-URAM   02/10/2010
Photo of GEHMAN, Evelyn May (Grumling) Evelyn May (Grumling) GEHMAN   01/30/2010
Photo of ZIMMERMAN, Bessie H. Bessie H. ZIMMERMAN   01/26/2010
Photo of HOCH, Walter W. Walter W. HOCH   01/26/2010
Photo of DIECKHAUS, Richard F. Richard F. DIECKHAUS   01/23/2010
Photo of MUMMA, Kenneth Lee, Sr. Kenneth Lee, Sr. MUMMA   01/17/2010
Photo of BLAKE, Charles Anthony "Tony&quo Charles Anthony "Tony&quo BLAKE   01/17/2010
Photo of SANFORD, Edna (Schroeder) Edna (Schroeder) SANFORD   01/13/2010
Photo of PFAUTZ, Anna Mary (Hoover) Anna Mary (Hoover) PFAUTZ   01/08/2010
Photo of FORT, Kenneth Harold Kenneth Harold FORT   01/08/2010
Photo of SWEIGART, Victor K. Victor K. SWEIGART   12/31/2009
Photo of SWEIGART, Victor K. Victor K. SWEIGART   12/31/2009
Photo of BUCHTER, Mildred (Hornberger) Mildred (Hornberger) BUCHTER   12/19/2009
Photo of PRICE, James J. James J. PRICE   12/14/2009
Photo of BRUGGER-GARNER, Jeremiah M. "Bubba" Jeremiah M. "Bubba" BRUGGER-GARNER   12/13/2009
Photo of DUNDORE, Lee Alan Lee Alan DUNDORE   12/03/2009
Photo of CHRISTOPHER, Kevin Edward Kevin Edward CHRISTOPHER   11/23/2009
Elnora K. (Baldwin) FRAMPTON   11/23/2009
Photo of XIONG, Vue Vue XIONG   11/19/2009
Michael F. MATUSKO   11/14/2009
Photo of MATERAZZI, Shirley D. (Stuber) Shirley D. (Stuber) MATERAZZI   11/10/2009
Photo of KLOPP, Patricia A. (McVaugh) Patricia A. (McVaugh) KLOPP   11/05/2009
Photo of ALLISON, Harold K. Harold K. ALLISON   10/17/2009
Mathilda M. (Minchoff) WILLIAMS   10/15/2009
Esther (Zyski) WITMER   10/14/2009
Photo of FLICKINGER, Clair Clair FLICKINGER   10/04/2009
Photo of WINGENROTH, Olive L. (Shober) Olive L. (Shober) WINGENROTH   09/15/2009
Van E., Jr. KLINE   09/11/2009
Photo of WOOD, Avery Scott Avery Scott WOOD   09/07/2009
Photo of BECK, Edwin S., Sr. Edwin S., Sr. BECK   09/05/2009
Photo of REDCAY, Earl, Jr. Earl, Jr. REDCAY   09/05/2009
Photo of BROSSMAN, William R. "Rudy" William R. "Rudy" BROSSMAN   08/20/2009
Photo of SZCZEPANSKI, Sarah E. (Cleminson) Sarah E. (Cleminson) SZCZEPANSKI   08/12/2009
Photo of BECK, Wilda M. (Faust) Wilda M. (Faust) BECK   08/08/2009
Photo of MARTIN, Cora A. (Schankel) Cora A. (Schankel) MARTIN   08/06/2009
Photo of LORAH, Richard Richard LORAH   07/20/2009
John I. MARTIN   07/16/2009
Photo of WINGENROTH, Mildred I. "Millie" Mildred I. "Millie" WINGENROTH   07/14/2009
Photo of KREITZ, Michael S. "Mike" Michael S. "Mike" KREITZ   07/12/2009
Photo of KACHEL, Rae Irene (Mertz) Rae Irene (Mertz) KACHEL   07/07/2009
Photo of MARSHALL, Mary Elizabeth "Mimi" Mary Elizabeth "Mimi" MARSHALL   07/02/2009
Photo of STIEFEL, Phyllis (Canter) Phyllis (Canter) STIEFEL   06/29/2009
Photo of STOVER, Viola M. (Shuey) Viola M. (Shuey) STOVER   06/28/2009
Photo of CLANCY, Geraldine M. "Gerry" Geraldine M. "Gerry" CLANCY   06/26/2009
Photo of MOYER, Sheila Renee Sheila Renee MOYER   06/21/2009
Photo of SHEAFFER, Bradley M. Bradley M. SHEAFFER   06/14/2009
Photo of GREGORY, Thomas W. Thomas W. GREGORY   06/10/2009
Photo of STOVER, Joyce E. (Busser) Joyce E. (Busser) STOVER   06/03/2009
Photo of ZONG, Kathryn (Haas) Kathryn (Haas) ZONG   06/03/2009
Claire M. (Rice) Hoida ZUCHERO   05/31/2009
Photo of EBERHART, Mary Ellen (Booker) Mary Ellen (Booker) EBERHART   05/30/2009
Photo of ZERR, Elwood G. "Woody" Elwood G. "Woody" ZERR   05/25/2009
Photo of KRAMER, June M. (Kauffman) June M. (Kauffman) KRAMER   05/19/2009
Photo of STARK, Harold W., Jr. Harold W., Jr. STARK   05/19/2009
Photo of FOLTZ, James Michael James Michael FOLTZ   05/15/2009
Photo of KRAMER, Arlene Ruth "Mammy" Arlene Ruth "Mammy" KRAMER   05/07/2009
Photo of MILLISOCK, Robert A., Jr. Robert A., Jr. MILLISOCK   05/02/2009
Photo of HOMAN, John Michael John Michael HOMAN   04/29/2009
Photo of YANG, Xong Xong YANG   04/25/2009
Photo of CHAPMAN, George George CHAPMAN   04/24/2009
Warren L. LORAH   04/23/2009
Photo of REDDIG, Jennie E. (Webber) Jennie E. (Webber) REDDIG   04/23/2009
Cherrylyn M. (Dubson) BROSSMAN   04/17/2009
Photo of PLANTE, Roger Paul Roger Paul PLANTE   04/03/2009
Photo of HEFT, Geraldine A. "Gerry" Geraldine A. "Gerry" HEFT   04/01/2009
Photo of GEBHART, Evelyn L. (Kauffman) Evelyn L. (Kauffman) GEBHART   03/24/2009
Photo of STEFFY, Marcella S. "Jullie" Marcella S. "Jullie" STEFFY   03/11/2009
Isabella GaoLyCua YANG   03/05/2009
Photo of ZONG, James Henry James Henry ZONG   03/04/2009
Photo of KRAMER, Mildred E. (Sensenig) Mildred E. (Sensenig) KRAMER   02/25/2009
Photo of ROSENBAUM, Megan L. (Taylor) Megan L. (Taylor) ROSENBAUM   02/10/2009
Photo of SCHMOLZE, Thomas F. Thomas F. SCHMOLZE   02/07/2009
Photo of GOOD, Dorothy K. (Rentschler) Dorothy K. (Rentschler) GOOD   02/02/2009
Photo of KILHEFNER, Lillian M. (Hamilton) Lillian M. (Hamilton) KILHEFNER   01/30/2009
Photo of PETERS, Dorothy E. (Krick) Smolen Dorothy E. (Krick) Smolen PETERS   01/25/2009
Photo of HOMAN, Richard D. Richard D. HOMAN   01/20/2009
Photo of DORSEY, Claire LaDawn Claire LaDawn DORSEY   01/12/2009
Photo of HARTING, Betty (Messner) Althouse Betty (Messner) Althouse HARTING   01/11/2009
Photo of HANNA, Edith P. (Bartholomew) Edith P. (Bartholomew) HANNA   01/09/2009
Photo of FASNACHT, Joel H., III Joel H., III FASNACHT   01/07/2009
Photo of YOUNG, Josephine M. (Geiser) Josephine M. (Geiser) YOUNG   12/30/2008
Photo of WARTSCHLAGER, Edward H. Edward H. WARTSCHLAGER   12/22/2008
Photo of MURICEAK, Scott A. Scott A. MURICEAK   12/01/2008
Photo of REDDIG, Kathryn E. "Kassie" Kathryn E. "Kassie" REDDIG   12/01/2008
Photo of KUHN, Caylie Elisabeth Caylie Elisabeth KUHN   11/17/2008
Photo of CLOUSER, Michael F. Michael F. CLOUSER   11/06/2008
Photo of WALTER, Erla (Buchter) Erla (Buchter) WALTER   11/05/2008
Photo of LeFEVRE, Carl E. Carl E. LeFEVRE   11/04/2008
Photo of MARKLEY, Galen I. Galen I. MARKLEY   11/04/2008
Photo of ADAMS, Anna M. Anna M. ADAMS   11/01/2008
Omega KARMILOWICZ   10/27/2008
Erma Arleen (Renninger) SHIREY   10/23/2008
Photo of ZIMMERMAN, Rev. LaMar L. Rev. LaMar L. ZIMMERMAN   10/23/2008
Photo of HALDEMAN, Wilmer M. Wilmer M. HALDEMAN   10/20/2008
Photo of HARRISON, Robert W. Robert W. HARRISON   09/23/2008
Photo of FORRY, Carl W. Carl W. FORRY   09/19/2008
Photo of LEID, Arwilda M. (Haldeman) Arwilda M. (Haldeman) LEID   09/16/2008
Photo of SURIANO, Grace Elizabeth Grace Elizabeth SURIANO   09/14/2008
Photo of RAIHL, Jeffrey E. Jeffrey E. RAIHL   08/30/2008
Photo of SHOWALTER, Darrell L. "Pops" Darrell L. "Pops" SHOWALTER   08/25/2008
Photo of GROTE, William C. "Bill" William C. "Bill" GROTE   08/24/2008
Photo of SWEIGART, Grace E. (Oberholtzer) Grace E. (Oberholtzer) SWEIGART   08/20/2008
Photo of ASHER, Lee Grant Lee Grant ASHER   08/15/2008
Photo of GRAMANDO, Robert S. Robert S. GRAMANDO   08/03/2008
Sara M. (Holliday) NEVLING   08/03/2008
Photo of HAGY, E. Omar "Sonny" E. Omar "Sonny" HAGY   08/01/2008
Photo of NOLL, Monroe A. Monroe A. NOLL   07/07/2008
Photo of GARMAN, Bonnie L. (Stevens) Bonnie L. (Stevens) GARMAN   06/26/2008
Photo of GOOD, Gail B. (Barlow) Gail B. (Barlow) GOOD   06/12/2008
Photo of HASSLER, Alice L. (Weller) Alice L. (Weller) HASSLER   06/10/2008
Photo of REESE, Dorothy E. (Roth) Dorothy E. (Roth) REESE   06/08/2008
Photo of HALDEMAN, Ellen R. (Root) Ellen R. (Root) HALDEMAN   05/31/2008
Photo of MOYER, Thelma M. (Grumbling) "Sp Thelma M. (Grumbling) "Sp MOYER   05/29/2008
Photo of WEILER, Paul E. Paul E. WEILER   05/28/2008
Elwood C., Jr. FIRESTONE   05/24/2008
Photo of BRAY, Rosita (Almaguer) Rosita (Almaguer) BRAY   05/18/2008
Photo of ECHTERNACHT, Allan R. "Skip" Allan R. "Skip" ECHTERNACHT   05/10/2008
Brandon Lee GOSHERT   04/25/2008
Photo of NAUERZ, Dolores A. (Jackob) Dolores A. (Jackob) NAUERZ   04/24/2008
Photo of HAMMOND, William Arthur William Arthur HAMMOND   04/19/2008
Photo of SHEIDY, Mary Ellen Mary Ellen SHEIDY   04/05/2008
Sarah J. (Ziemer) BECKER   04/03/2008
Photo of YOUNDT, Grace E. (Trostle) Grace E. (Trostle) YOUNDT   03/25/2008
Photo of JOHNSON, Ronald E. Ronald E. JOHNSON   03/24/2008
Edwin C., Jr. WISE   03/23/2008
Photo of McNEILL, CHARLES W. "Mac" CHARLES W. "Mac" McNEILL   03/15/2008
Photo of SANDERS, Jean Heather (Forth) Jean Heather (Forth) SANDERS   03/15/2008
Photo of BERGER, Nathaniel H. Nathaniel H. BERGER   03/11/2008
Photo of NIES, Ann (King) Ann (King) NIES   03/09/2008
Photo of SWEIGART, Robin D. Robin D. SWEIGART   03/07/2008
Photo of RUBINO, Florence P. (Busillo) Thies Florence P. (Busillo) Thies RUBINO   03/06/2008
Photo of REICH, Annie S. (Swartz) Annie S. (Swartz) REICH   03/02/2008
Photo of HIGH, Edith (Kring) Noll Fry Edith (Kring) Noll Fry HIGH   02/21/2008
Photo of BURKHART, R. LaVerne (Wise) R. LaVerne (Wise) BURKHART   02/19/2008
Photo of GENSEMER, Betty J. (Leed) Betty J. (Leed) GENSEMER   02/18/2008
Photo of KLOPP, Russell E. Russell E. KLOPP   02/14/2008
Photo of ROSEN, Isaac Martin Isaac Martin ROSEN   02/09/2008
Photo of ANSEL, Eugene A. Eugene A. ANSEL   02/05/2008
Photo of NOLL, Mazie A. (Kring) Mazie A. (Kring) NOLL   02/01/2008
Photo of FASNACHT, Lloyd S. Lloyd S. FASNACHT   01/24/2008
Photo of GOCKLEY, Kayla Marie Kayla Marie GOCKLEY   01/22/2008
Photo of STEELY, Pauline J. (Lebo) Pauline J. (Lebo) STEELY   01/22/2008
Photo of BARNS, Muriel (Palmer) Muriel (Palmer) BARNS   01/15/2008
Photo of GOULD, Barbara A. (Crispell) Barbara A. (Crispell) GOULD   01/15/2008
Photo of BOWMAN, Florence G. (Keffer) Florence G. (Keffer) BOWMAN   01/13/2008
Betty Jane (Johnston) BAIR   01/10/2008
Photo of KUNTZLEMAN, Ruth I. (Meinhardt) Ruth I. (Meinhardt) KUNTZLEMAN   01/05/2008
Photo of REDCAY, Susie M. (Weaver) Susie M. (Weaver) REDCAY   01/04/2008
Photo of Groff, Tyrone A. Tyrone A. Groff   12/26/2007
Photo of Cassler, Bertha (Beck) Fisher Bertha (Beck) Fisher Cassler   12/08/2007
Photo of Reifsnyder, Alma R. (Stork) Alma R. (Stork) Reifsnyder   12/03/2007
Photo of Walmer, Arlene M. (Keenan) Arlene M. (Keenan) Walmer   11/29/2007
Photo of Gonzalez, Rev. Jose A. Rev. Jose A. Gonzalez   11/22/2007
Photo of Lemieux, Dr. Christine Marie Dr. Christine Marie Lemieux   11/19/2007
Photo of Adair, Lorraine A. (Stewart) Lorraine A. (Stewart) Adair   11/18/2007
Photo of Butz, Abigail Kristine Abigail Kristine Butz   11/12/2007
Photo of Haus, Annabel (Kennedy) Annabel (Kennedy) Haus   11/11/2007
Photo of Long, Kenneth R. Kenneth R. Long   11/10/2007
Photo of Yang, Shoua Shoua Yang   10/27/2007
Photo of Breneman, Miriam E. "Mim" (Boa Miriam E. "Mim" (Boa Breneman   10/26/2007
Photo of Seidel, Barry Lee Barry Lee Seidel   10/24/2007
Photo of Schmolze, Grace L. (Stehr) Heim Grace L. (Stehr) Heim Schmolze   10/11/2007
Arlene M. (Demming) Boehringer   09/29/2007
Fern N. (Rudy) Hassler   09/17/2007
Photo of Brendle, Eugene W. Eugene W. Brendle   09/14/2007
Photo of Haws, Helen I. (Wingenroth) Helen I. (Wingenroth) Haws   09/04/2007
Photo of CASSEL, Jr., Louis F. "Lou" Jr., Louis F. "Lou" CASSEL   09/04/2007
Photo of Moua, Xia Vang  Xia Vang  Moua   08/27/2007
Photo of Scanlan, Anna Mary Anna Mary Scanlan   08/26/2007
Photo of Schonour, William A. William A. Schonour   08/26/2007
Photo of Leid, Dorothy O. (Sensenig) Dorothy O. (Sensenig) Leid   08/23/2007
Photo of Lo, Titou Titou Lo   08/21/2007
Photo of Newman, Robert L. "Bobby" Robert L. "Bobby" Newman   08/17/2007
Donald Marshall Knapp   08/15/2007
Photo of Kreitz, Stanley A., Jr. Stanley A., Jr. Kreitz   08/06/2007
Photo of Condon, Thomas F., Sr. Thomas F., Sr. Condon   08/01/2007
Photo of Keiser, Millicent O. "Milly" Millicent O. "Milly" Keiser   07/23/2007
Photo of Fritz, Charles W. "Smiley", Charles W. "Smiley", Fritz   07/15/2007
Pamela A. (Moyer) McElwee   07/12/2007
Photo of Flory, Mary M. (Brendle) Mary M. (Brendle) Flory   07/04/2007
Photo of Shober, Ellis G. Ellis G. Shober   07/04/2007
Photo of Heyman, Karen L. (Wills) Karen L. (Wills) Heyman   06/26/2007
Photo of Grossman, Judith Ann (Leonardo) Judith Ann (Leonardo) Grossman   06/18/2007
Photo of Weinhold, Ira E. Ira E. Weinhold   06/16/2007
Photo of Weeks, Charles W. Charles W. Weeks   05/28/2007
Photo of Hassler, Paul E., Sr. Paul E., Sr. Hassler   05/24/2007
Photo of Barthold, Richard R. Richard R. Barthold   05/23/2007
Photo of Smith, Joseph Robert Joseph Robert Smith   05/23/2007
Photo of Wingenroth, Cyril E. Cyril E. Wingenroth   05/21/2007
Photo of Grant, Wanda R. (Swavely) Wanda R. (Swavely) Grant   05/17/2007
Photo of Eckenroth, Kenneth E. Kenneth E. Eckenroth   04/25/2007
Photo of Cameron, Hugh W. Hugh W. Cameron   04/24/2007
Photo of Good, William L. "Bill" William L. "Bill" Good   04/19/2007
Photo of Bair, Richard S. "Doc" Richard S. "Doc" Bair   04/16/2007
Photo of Bixler, Anna M. (Good) Anna M. (Good) Bixler   04/10/2007
Photo of Reed, Carol A. (Good) Carol A. (Good) Reed   03/25/2007
Photo of Hutchinson, Mildred (Hoshower) Mildred (Hoshower) Hutchinson   03/23/2007
Photo of Weidman, Luther E. Luther E. Weidman   03/23/2007
Photo of Barnett, Earl E. Earl E. Barnett   03/17/2007
Photo of Stubbs, Katie (Young) Katie (Young) Stubbs   03/12/2007
Photo of Kurtz, C. J. "Pap" C. J. "Pap" Kurtz   02/24/2007
Photo of Adair, Albert Albert Adair   02/20/2007
Photo of Groff, Thelma K. (Gebhart) Weinhold Thelma K. (Gebhart) Weinhold Groff   02/18/2007
Photo of Leisey, Paul L. Paul L. Leisey   02/15/2007
Photo of Breger, Mark S. Mark S. Breger   02/14/2007
Photo of Marshall, Luella S. (Peters) Uram Luella S. (Peters) Uram Marshall   02/04/2007
Photo of Hassler, Naomi (Becker) Naomi (Becker) Hassler   01/28/2007
Photo of Wieder, Dennis F. Dennis F. Wieder   01/27/2007
Photo of Kreitz, Julie (Thompson) Julie (Thompson) Kreitz   01/26/2007
Photo of Kametz, Joseph, Jr. Joseph, Jr. Kametz   01/25/2007
Harry G. "Dutch" Clark   01/21/2007
Photo of Zerbe, Kathryn M. (Wolf) Kathryn M. (Wolf) Zerbe   01/19/2007
Photo of Kieffer, Nancy J. (Houser) Nancy J. (Houser) Kieffer   01/17/2007
Photo of Young, Harold G. "Hap" Harold G. "Hap" Young   01/17/2007
Photo of Sloat, Kathryn A. (Weinhold) Kathryn A. (Weinhold) Sloat   01/08/2007
Photo of Colon-Correa, Timeteo "Timothy Timeteo "Timothy Colon-Correa   01/05/2007
Photo of Kindt, Abigail Constance "Abby&q Abigail Constance "Abby&q Kindt   12/31/2006
Photo of Borja, Ricardo T. Ricardo T. Borja   12/26/2006
Photo of Summers, Clarence M. Clarence M. Summers   12/12/2006
Photo of Dunkelberger, James E. "Jim" James E. "Jim" Dunkelberger   12/08/2006
Photo of Bevins, Susan (Grube) Susan (Grube) Bevins   12/05/2006
Photo of Maser, John K. "Jack", Jr. John K. "Jack", Jr. Maser   11/30/2006
Photo of Schlegel, Catherine S. (Bixler) Catherine S. (Bixler) Schlegel   11/28/2006
Photo of Moyer, Richard C. Richard C. Moyer   11/26/2006
Photo of Sensenig, Edna (Young) Rupp Edna (Young) Rupp Sensenig   11/22/2006
Photo of Lee, Blong S. Blong S. Lee   10/08/2006
Photo of Walmer, Walter A. "Wally" Walter A. "Wally" Walmer   10/02/2006
Photo of Barz, Edward J. Edward J. Barz   10/01/2006
Photo of Effinger, Margaret K. (Kleszak) Margaret K. (Kleszak) Effinger   09/30/2006
Photo of Miller, Melvin M. Melvin M. Miller   09/27/2006
Photo of Reichert, Cynthia E. "Cindy" ( Cynthia E. "Cindy" ( Reichert   09/14/2006
Photo of Fosnocht, Thelma R. (Mountz) Thelma R. (Mountz) Fosnocht   09/02/2006
Photo of Horst, Mary Helen (Becker) Mary Helen (Becker) Horst   08/31/2006
Photo of Weitzel, William W. William W. Weitzel   08/20/2006
Photo of DeLong, Emily Catherine (Schulz) Emily Catherine (Schulz) DeLong   08/17/2006
Photo of Dietrich, Ethel M. (Wildermuth) Ethel M. (Wildermuth) Dietrich   08/14/2006
Photo of Terry, Margie M. (King) Margie M. (King) Terry   08/08/2006
Photo of Hamilton, Francesca M. "Fran" Francesca M. "Fran" Hamilton   08/03/2006
Photo of Miller, Franklin F. Franklin F. Miller   07/30/2006
Photo of McQuate, Mary Jane (Ludwig) Mary Jane (Ludwig) McQuate   07/24/2006
Photo of Waid, David A. David A. Waid   07/18/2006
Photo of Lor, Zoua Vang Zoua Vang Lor   07/17/2006
Photo of Stick, Kenneth P.  Kenneth P.  Stick   07/16/2006
Photo of Stauffer, H. James "Jimmy"&nbs H. James "Jimmy"&nbs Stauffer   07/13/2006
Photo of Leonard, Walter J. Walter J. Leonard   07/12/2006
Richard H. "Bucky" Buckwalter   07/08/2006
Photo of Barbernitz, Peter M. Peter M. Barbernitz   07/07/2006
Photo of Stark, Kathryn M. (Sweigart) Kathryn M. (Sweigart) Stark   06/23/2006
Photo of Kreitz, Tevin Michael Tevin Michael Kreitz   06/22/2006
Photo of Steely, Harry K. Harry K. Steely   06/06/2006
Photo of Eshelman, Mildred (Bishop) Mildred (Bishop) Eshelman   06/05/2006
Photo of Oberholtzer, Ruth L. "Pinky" (Bur Ruth L. "Pinky" (Bur Oberholtzer   05/25/2006
Photo of Bray, John A. "Jack" John A. "Jack" Bray   05/21/2006
Leanna Michelle Redington   05/11/2006
Photo of Hartenstine, Thomas W. Thomas W. Hartenstine   04/30/2006
Photo of Yang, Chou Chou Yang   04/24/2006
Photo of Crawford, Chad David Chad David Crawford   04/24/2006
Photo of Moua, Pang Pang Moua   04/22/2006
Photo of Lor, Cher Pao Cher Pao Lor   04/08/2006
Photo of Lied, Anna M. (Stauffer) Anna M. (Stauffer) Lied   04/05/2006
Photo of Eberly, Herman, Jr. Herman, Jr. Eberly   04/02/2006
Photo of Rudd, Ruth Ella (Fisher) Ruth Ella (Fisher) Rudd   03/27/2006
Photo of Sweigert, Flora B. Flora B. Sweigert   03/26/2006
Vincent M. Apuzzo   03/24/2006
Photo of Fausnacht, Jeanne B. (Albright) Jeanne B. (Albright) Fausnacht   03/22/2006
Ida (Berman) Birkenbach   03/07/2006
Photo of Stoyer, Crenton C. Crenton C. Stoyer   03/06/2006
Photo of Slabach, C. Richard "Rick" C. Richard "Rick" Slabach   03/03/2006
Photo of Slabach, Richard "Shuppy" Richard "Shuppy" Slabach   02/25/2006
Photo of Foltz, James P. James P. Foltz   02/22/2006
Photo of Baker, Phyllis (Knepp) Phyllis (Knepp) Baker   02/06/2006
Photo of Lehman, Mary G. (Good) Mary G. (Good) Lehman   01/30/2006
Photo of Adair, Beulah E. (Messinger) Beulah E. (Messinger) Adair   01/24/2006
Photo of Mattis, Earl H. Earl H. Mattis   01/20/2006
Photo of Davis, Robert G. Robert G. Davis   01/19/2006
Photo of Heil, John H. John H. Heil   01/16/2006
Linda Lee Long   01/08/2006
Photo of Stahley, Franklin L. Franklin L. Stahley   01/06/2006
Photo of Yang, Boua Khua Boua Khua Yang   12/30/2005
Photo of Kauffman, Larry R., Sr. Larry R., Sr. Kauffman   12/28/2005
Alexis Nichole Stover   12/27/2005
Photo of Epting, Anson S. Anson S. Epting   12/23/2005
Photo of Leccese, Anna M. (Lied) Rentschler Anna M. (Lied) Rentschler Leccese   12/22/2005
Mae (Engle) Walters   12/11/2005
Angel Dakota Flick-Sweigart   12/10/2005
Photo of Foltz, Denise R. (March) Denise R. (March) Foltz   12/09/2005
Viola E. (Weitzel) Haldeman   12/08/2005
Photo of Weaver, Miriam R. (Eshleman) Miriam R. (Eshleman) Weaver   11/28/2005
Photo of Stork, Eleanor S. (Siemens) Eleanor S. (Siemens) Stork   11/27/2005
Photo of Leffler, Milton H., Jr. Milton H., Jr. Leffler   11/22/2005
Photo of Sweigart, Clayton L. Clayton L. Sweigart   11/22/2005
Photo of Buch, Jacob W. "Jack", Jr. Jacob W. "Jack", Jr. Buch   10/31/2005
Photo of Harting, Daniel C. Daniel C. Harting   10/28/2005
Photo of Dietrich, Lynda L. (Mentzer) Lynda L. (Mentzer) Dietrich   10/27/2005
Photo of Buohl, Carrie R. (Ansel) Carrie R. (Ansel) Buohl   10/25/2005
Photo of Klaassen, Peter Peter Klaassen   10/20/2005
E. Pauline "Polly" Miller   10/19/2005
Photo of Rissler, Kathryn M. (Frederick) Kathryn M. (Frederick) Rissler   10/17/2005
Margaret L. "Peggy" Metcalf   10/13/2005
Photo of Bigelow, Lela M. (Varner) Lela M. (Varner) Bigelow   09/16/2005
Photo of Zerbe, Mary Ellen (Wickel) Mary Ellen (Wickel) Zerbe   09/05/2005
Ruth A. (Buchter) Hersh   09/04/2005
Photo of Lorah, Anna A. (Schutter) Anna A. (Schutter) Lorah   08/27/2005
Photo of Dagen, Hazel B. (Bomberger) Hazel B. (Bomberger) Dagen   08/26/2005
Photo of Wise, Miriam (Lyons) Miriam (Lyons) Wise   08/24/2005
Photo of Messner, Mae L. (Heck) Mae L. (Heck) Messner   08/22/2005
Photo of Ludwig, Kenneth E., Jr. Kenneth E., Jr. Ludwig   08/17/2005
Photo of Rothermel, Betty J. (Hess) Betty J. (Hess) Rothermel   08/17/2005
Photo of Rothermel, Douglass H., Sr. Douglass H., Sr. Rothermel   08/14/2005
Photo of Adams, Anna (Fitterling) Anna (Fitterling) Adams   08/09/2005
Photo of Peters, Amy E. (Foltz) Amy E. (Foltz) Peters   08/04/2005
Photo of Heft, Russell L. Russell L. Heft   07/15/2005
Photo of Burkholder, Ellen L. (Daniels) Ellen L. (Daniels) Burkholder   07/12/2005
Photo of Youndt, Fern S. Fern S. Youndt   07/08/2005
Photo of Ansel, Carl R. Carl R. Ansel   07/05/2005
Photo of Moua, Chongvue Chongvue Moua   07/05/2005
Photo of Rathman, Arlene Arlene Rathman   07/03/2005
Photo of Boyer, Marian A. (Stover) Marian A. (Stover) Boyer   06/29/2005
Photo of Weaver, Martin Z. Martin Z. Weaver   06/24/2005
Tyler Russell Shimp   06/08/2005
Photo of Becker, Rose M. (Flowers) Rose M. (Flowers) Becker   05/20/2005
Photo of Lorah, Anna K. (Sweigart) Anna K. (Sweigart) Lorah   05/20/2005
Photo of Uibel, Fred F. Fred F. Uibel   05/10/2005
Photo of Terreson, Jessie James Jessie James Terreson   05/05/2005
Photo of Gockley, Floretta M. (Fritz) Floretta M. (Fritz) Gockley   04/25/2005
Photo of Eshelman, Horace S. Horace S. Eshelman   04/15/2005
Photo of Youndt, Melvin H. "Jake" Melvin H. "Jake" Youndt   04/12/2005
Margaret C. (Sheetz) McQuate   03/29/2005
Photo of Fisher, Wanda C. (Coble) Wanda C. (Coble) Fisher   03/27/2005
Photo of Buohl, Paul Stanley Paul Stanley Buohl   03/20/2005
Photo of Mastle, Jason S. Jason S. Mastle   03/19/2005
Photo of Craley, Dorothy R. (Ludwig) Dorothy R. (Ludwig) Craley   03/18/2005
Photo of Ginder, Herbert L., Jr. Herbert L., Jr. Ginder   03/17/2005
Photo of Wade, Grace M. (Beam) Grace M. (Beam) Wade   03/15/2005
Douglass E. Rothermel   03/13/2005
Photo of Fritz, Curtis W. Curtis W. Fritz   03/08/2005
Photo of Ressler, Genevieve E. (Hackman) Genevieve E. (Hackman) Ressler   03/08/2005
Photo of Hester, Jane M. (Mullin) Jane M. (Mullin) Hester   03/03/2005
Photo of Huyard, Elsie May (Habecker) Elsie May (Habecker) Huyard   02/22/2005
Photo of Snowden, Eva (Witwer) Briggs Eva (Witwer) Briggs Snowden   02/22/2005
Photo of Echternacht, Susan H. (Cooper) Susan H. (Cooper) Echternacht   02/20/2005
Photo of Reber, Bonnie L. Bonnie L. Reber   02/05/2005
Photo of Englert, Jerry H. Jerry H. Englert   02/01/2005
Photo of Schmidt, Audrey E. (Facenbaker) Audrey E. (Facenbaker) Schmidt   01/28/2005
Photo of Boyer, Daniel L. Daniel L. Boyer   01/25/2005
Photo of Wenrich, Chester H. Chester H. Wenrich   01/20/2005
Photo of Johns, Bertha H. Bertha H. Johns   01/16/2005
Photo of Bair, Selmer S. Selmer S. Bair   01/11/2005
Photo of Weaver, Bernice H. (Shenk) Bernice H. (Shenk) Weaver   01/04/2005
Photo of Boney, Norma E. (Hoffert) Norma E. (Hoffert) Boney   01/01/2005
Photo of Adair, Maggie (Zerbe) Maggie (Zerbe) Adair   12/29/2004
Photo of Gangaway, Fern M. (Beck) Fern M. (Beck) Gangaway   12/27/2004
Daniel E. Novotny   12/25/2004
Photo of Wolf, Howard L. Howard L. Wolf   12/21/2004
Photo of Sweigart, Chester V. "Chet" Chester V. "Chet" Sweigart   12/16/2004
Vera M. (Cartledge) Scharer   12/12/2004
Photo of Richardson, Denver a/k/a George S. Uram Denver a/k/a George S. Uram Richardson   12/11/2004
Photo of Wolf, Sallie A. (Fry) Sallie A. (Fry) Wolf   12/07/2004
Joffre Anthony Lewis   11/28/2004
Photo of Firestone, Wayne Richard Wayne Richard Firestone   11/22/2004
Photo of Thompson, Shirley S. (Hupert) Shirley S. (Hupert) Thompson   11/21/2004
Photo of Mohn, Stella D. (Fry) Stella D. (Fry) Mohn   11/17/2004
Anna M. (Summers) Althouse   11/16/2004
Photo of Womer, William J. William J. Womer   11/05/2004
Richard G. Zilling   11/05/2004
Photo of Smith, Marlin K. "Pete" Marlin K. "Pete" Smith   10/30/2004
Photo of Hall, Edward Joseph Edward Joseph Hall   10/21/2004
Photo of Hallock, Leonard E. Leonard E. Hallock   10/20/2004
Photo of Wagner, Ruth F. (Buckwalter) Keller Ruth F. (Buckwalter) Keller Wagner   10/04/2004
Photo of Shober, Clair L. Clair L. Shober   09/15/2004
Photo of Kachel, Edna M. (Westley) Edna M. (Westley) Kachel   08/28/2004
Henry F. Delasser   08/23/2004
Photo of Pool, Alzada V. (Dawson) Alzada V. (Dawson) Pool   08/18/2004
Photo of Sandoe, Fannie R. (Leed) Fannie R. (Leed) Sandoe   08/13/2004
Photo of Lesher, Elisabeth H. (Christen) Elisabeth H. (Christen) Lesher   08/12/2004
Photo of Spotts, Barbara V. (Shupp) Barbara V. (Shupp) Spotts   08/11/2004
Ada C. (Brown) Hassler   08/07/2004
Photo of Payne, F. Mildred (DeGraw) F. Mildred (DeGraw) Payne   08/06/2004
Photo of Youndt, Robert L. Robert L. Youndt   07/18/2004
Photo of Moua, Yang Yang Moua   07/06/2004
Photo of Sweigart, Ellen J. (Strickler) Ellen J. (Strickler) Sweigart   07/03/2004
Photo of Sweigart, Howard S. Howard S. Sweigart   06/18/2004
Photo of Kulp, Clyde S. Clyde S. Kulp   06/08/2004
Photo of Sensenig, Harold E. Harold E. Sensenig   06/08/2004
Photo of Eckenroth, Mildred A. (Swartz) Mildred A. (Swartz) Eckenroth   06/07/2004
Allen Jay Hendricks   06/04/2004
Cecelia E. Roach   06/04/2004
Photo of Hillhouse, Mary T. (Newmeyer) Mary T. (Newmeyer) Hillhouse   06/02/2004
Photo of Leininger, M. May (Germann) M. May (Germann) Leininger   06/01/2004
Photo of Trego, John, Jr. John, Jr. Trego   05/26/2004
Photo of Bartsch, Luella B. (Weinhold) Luella B. (Weinhold) Bartsch   05/22/2004
Photo of Weber, Charles E. Charles E. Weber   05/15/2004
Photo of Ebersole, Julia E. (Ziemer) Julia E. (Ziemer) Ebersole   05/14/2004
Photo of Haldeman, Orville G. "Dubbs" Orville G. "Dubbs" Haldeman   05/14/2004
Photo of Gropper, Dorothea (Gibson) Dorothea (Gibson) Gropper   05/12/2004
Photo of Yecker, Helen M. (Buch) Helen M. (Buch) Yecker   05/12/2004
Photo of Horning, Richard Lamar Richard Lamar Horning   05/07/2004
Photo of Carles, Ellen M. (Ansel) Ellen M. (Ansel) Carles   05/05/2004
Photo of Rathman, Grace (Lied) Grace (Lied) Rathman   05/05/2004
R. Robert "Doc" Ruth   05/03/2004
Photo of Zerbe, Helen L. "Sissie" Helen L. "Sissie" Zerbe   04/21/2004
Photo of Ulrich, Patricia Ann (Strauss) Patricia Ann (Strauss) Ulrich   04/19/2004
Photo of Lightcap, George P. George P. Lightcap   03/31/2004
Photo of Schmanske, Janeen Marie (Klein) Janeen Marie (Klein) Schmanske   03/29/2004
Photo of Womer, William J., Jr. William J., Jr. Womer   03/23/2004
Photo of Koch, William A. William A. Koch   02/29/2004
Photo of Frederick, Roy H. Roy H. Frederick   02/26/2004
Photo of Fritz, Pauline K. (Koch) Pauline K. (Koch) Fritz   02/22/2004
Photo of Dickinson, David Linvingstone David Linvingstone Dickinson   02/20/2004
Photo of Bucher, Victor S. "Pickle" Victor S. "Pickle" Bucher   02/12/2004
Photo of Rodgers, Edward D., Jr. Edward D., Jr. Rodgers   02/01/2004
Elsie (Wagner) Noll   01/26/2004
Eva Focia   01/23/2004
Photo of Geary, Robert H. Robert H. Geary   01/23/2004
Photo of Schlegel, James A. James A. Schlegel   01/20/2004
Photo of Zartman, Abbie Ethyl (McMichael) Abbie Ethyl (McMichael) Zartman   01/08/2004
Photo of Bowman, Mary E. (Bohner) Mary E. (Bohner) Bowman   01/03/2004
Photo of Good, Doris J. (Eisenhour) Doris J. (Eisenhour) Good   12/31/2003
Photo of DeSimone, Ernestine G. Ernestine G. DeSimone   12/30/2003
Photo of Haller, Juanita Pearl "June" Juanita Pearl "June" Haller   12/30/2003
Photo of Firestone, Marian (Youndt) Marian (Youndt) Firestone   12/28/2003
Photo of Maurer, Geraldine A. (Schreffler) Geraldine A. (Schreffler) Maurer   12/28/2003
Photo of McDennis, LeRoy LeRoy McDennis   12/28/2003
Photo of Krall, Leon B. Leon B. Krall   12/23/2003
Margaret A. (Stott) Clasen   12/15/2003
Photo of Bair, Anna Mae (Hottenstein) Anna Mae (Hottenstein) Bair   12/07/2003
Photo of Redcay, Mahlon N. Mahlon N. Redcay   12/06/2003
Photo of Rutt, Clair T. Clair T. Rutt   12/06/2003
Photo of Schlegel, Clifford N. Clifford N. Schlegel   12/01/2003
Photo of Bouder, Wilson S., Jr. Wilson S., Jr. Bouder   11/29/2003
Photo of Kern, Howard W. Howard W. Kern   11/22/2003
Photo of Frederick, Allan R. Allan R. Frederick   11/17/2003
Photo of McCowan, Earl Portman Earl Portman McCowan   11/14/2003
Photo of Metzger, George R. George R. Metzger   11/12/2003
Photo of Garman, Robert L. Robert L. Garman   11/11/2003
Clarence Royer   11/11/2003
Photo of Crawford, Rosalie (Steffy) Rosalie (Steffy) Crawford   11/09/2003
Photo of Cardin, Philip Edward Philip Edward Cardin   11/07/2003
Photo of Hackman, Chester R. "Chet" Chester R. "Chet" Hackman   11/03/2003
Photo of Steely, Alverta "Vertie" (St Alverta "Vertie" (St Steely   11/02/2003
Photo of Weidner, Gary L. Gary L. Weidner   10/26/2003
Photo of Fritz, David Lee, Sr. David Lee, Sr. Fritz   10/20/2003
Photo of Sweigart, Josephine (Bender) Josephine (Bender) Sweigart   10/19/2003
Photo of Sweigart, Earl J. Earl J. Sweigart   10/15/2003
Photo of Heft, Edna M. (Rudy) Edna M. (Rudy) Heft   10/09/2003
Photo of Garner, E. Elizabeth "Libby" E. Elizabeth "Libby" Garner   10/07/2003
Photo of Fasnacht, Jane I. (Deater) Jane I. (Deater) Fasnacht   09/27/2003
Photo of Good, Gloria C. (Haws) Gloria C. (Haws) Good   09/24/2003
Photo of Zieber, Lew A. Lew A. Zieber   09/14/2003
Photo of Mohn, Melvin R. Melvin R. Mohn   09/12/2003
Photo of Leid, J. Stanley J. Stanley Leid   09/03/2003
Lucy Diamond Lor   08/24/2003
Photo of Lied, Melvin Melvin Lied   08/20/2003
Photo of Dietrich, Mel George Mel George Dietrich   08/19/2003
Photo of Brendle, Earl G. Earl G. Brendle   08/07/2003
Photo of Huyard, Jacob L. Jacob L. Huyard   07/28/2003
Fern (Trostle) Zieber   07/21/2003
Photo of Hamilton, Arthur R., Sr. Arthur R., Sr. Hamilton   07/20/2003
Ruth E. (Wagner) Barthold   07/08/2003
Margaret D. "Peg" (M Buch   06/28/2003
Photo of Baringer, Clyde M. Clyde M. Baringer   06/24/2003
Photo of Merkel, Ruth E. (Dreibelbis) Ruth E. (Dreibelbis) Merkel   06/22/2003
Photo of Miller, Thomas James Thomas James Miller   06/20/2003
Photo of Spotts, Warren G. Warren G. Spotts   06/12/2003
Photo of Johns, Mervin H. Mervin H. Johns   06/04/2003
Photo of Ludlow, Robert M. Robert M. Ludlow   05/29/2003
Photo of Henry, Viola E. (Unruh) Viola E. (Unruh) Henry   05/25/2003
Photo of Pajski, Michael Frank Michael Frank Pajski   05/04/2003
Photo of Smith, Frances (Peters) Frances (Peters) Smith   04/27/2003
Photo of Bair, Leon E. Leon E. Bair   04/23/2003
Photo of Hanna, Earl K. "Shorty" Earl K. "Shorty" Hanna   04/22/2003
Photo of Hoshour, Stella E. (Kohl) Mattis Stella E. (Kohl) Mattis Hoshour   04/10/2003
Photo of Royer, Kathleen H. (High) Ochs Kathleen H. (High) Ochs Royer   03/27/2003
Photo of Heinsey, Violet (Wingenroth) Violet (Wingenroth) Heinsey   03/23/2003
Photo of Kring, William E. William E. Kring   03/02/2003
Photo of Geary, Ruth E. (Rollman) Ruth E. (Rollman) Geary   02/07/2003
Photo of Pierce, Edith L. (Gehman) Edith L. (Gehman) Pierce   02/04/2003
Photo of Kiefer, Lila Mae (Gehman) Hornberger H Lila Mae (Gehman) Hornberger H Kiefer   01/29/2003
Photo of Roberts, M.D., Haskell E. M.D., Haskell E. Roberts   01/10/2003
Photo of Bondoch, Gerald R. Gerald R. Bondoch   01/08/2003
Photo of Lockner, Thomas L. Thomas L. Lockner   01/07/2003
Douglas Lee Erney   01/01/2003
Photo of Price, Margaret B. "Peg" Margaret B. "Peg" Price   01/01/2003
Photo of Long, Raymond N. "Flash" Raymond N. "Flash" Long   12/30/2002
Photo of Bowman, Ralph E. Ralph E. Bowman   12/25/2002
Lloyd C. Tothero   12/12/2002
Photo of Texter, Betty J. (Lesher) Betty J. (Lesher) Texter   11/29/2002
Photo of Werner, John Henry John Henry Werner   11/23/2002
Photo of Sweigart, Marvin S. Marvin S. Sweigart   11/23/2002
Photo of Rupp, Florence C. (Fry) Florence C. (Fry) Rupp   11/13/2002
Photo of Sensenig, Frances K. (Flickinger) Frances K. (Flickinger) Sensenig   11/10/2002
Photo of Beck, William G. William G. Beck   11/05/2002
Photo of Wenrich, Catherine E. (Heckman) Catherine E. (Heckman) Wenrich   11/04/2002
Photo of Buch, Gladys M. (Todd) Gladys M. (Todd) Buch   11/02/2002
Photo of Kauffman, William P. William P. Kauffman   10/08/2002
Photo of Deibler, Ruth (Slabach) Ruth (Slabach) Deibler   09/29/2002
Photo of Khang, Mai Y. Mai Y. Khang   09/21/2002
Photo of Schonour, Irvin Joseph Irvin Joseph Schonour   09/21/2002
Photo of Sweigart, Alton G. "Jerry" Alton G. "Jerry" Sweigart   09/08/2002
Photo of Fuller, Aaron Thomas Aaron Thomas Fuller   09/07/2002
Photo of Jones, Helen (Baron) Helen (Baron) Jones   09/05/2002
Photo of Young, S. Isabel (Rathman) S. Isabel (Rathman) Young   09/02/2002
Photo of Oberholtzer, Richard E. Richard E. Oberholtzer   09/02/2002
Photo of Herman, Gertrude E. (Donmoyer)  Gertrude E. (Donmoyer)  Herman   08/26/2002
Photo of Yang, Mee Mee Yang   08/17/2002
Photo of Fritz, Arthur L. Arthur L. Fritz   08/14/2002
Photo of Lorah, Robert E. Robert E. Lorah   08/09/2002
Clara E. (Shemberger) Kametz   08/07/2002
Photo of Anderson, Lorraine A. (Moyer) Lorraine A. (Moyer) Anderson   07/28/2002
Photo of Flory, Gladys D. (Myers) Gladys D. (Myers) Flory   07/15/2002
Photo of Weinhold, Corey A. Corey A. Weinhold   07/12/2002
Photo of Coleman, Joseph N. Joseph N. Coleman   07/03/2002
Photo of Rathman, Theodore "Seedy" Theodore "Seedy" Rathman   07/02/2002
Photo of Weinhold, Florence H. (Youndt) Florence H. (Youndt) Weinhold   07/02/2002
Photo of Stahley, Kathryn F. "Kass" (M Kathryn F. "Kass" (M Stahley   06/26/2002
Photo of Dickersheid, Shirley Y. (Leed) Shirley Y. (Leed) Dickersheid   06/22/2002
Photo of Dietrich, Jane (Zerbe) Jane (Zerbe) Dietrich   06/18/2002
Photo of Stafford, Raymond R. Raymond R. Stafford   06/18/2002
Photo of Wanner, Eva (Pannebecker) Eva (Pannebecker) Wanner   06/09/2002
Shawna Lynn Allen   06/07/2002
Photo of Bush, Dorothy A. "Dollee" Dorothy A. "Dollee" Bush   05/30/2002
Photo of Auker, Ida Mae (Bush) Ida Mae (Bush) Auker   05/28/2002
Photo of Robinson, Ada I. (Grubbs) Ada I. (Grubbs) Robinson   05/23/2002
Raymond E. Shupp   05/18/2002
Photo of Rathman, Ona G. (Mohler) Ona G. (Mohler) Rathman   05/14/2002
Photo of Moua, Kaxao Kaxao Moua   05/08/2002
Photo of Beck, Lucy E. (Reese) Lucy E. (Reese) Beck   05/06/2002
Photo of Ruth, Caroline R. (Root) Caroline R. (Root) Ruth   05/02/2002
Photo of Fromm, Anna A. (Burd) Anna A. (Burd) Fromm   05/01/2002
Photo of Slabach, Arlene (Wenger) Arlene (Wenger) Slabach   05/01/2002
Photo of Weaver, Ruth A. (Newswanger) Ruth A. (Newswanger) Weaver   04/21/2002
Photo of Taylor, Jeannette M. (Sensenig) Jeannette M. (Sensenig) Taylor   04/17/2002
Photo of Royer, Floyd L. Floyd L. Royer   04/12/2002
Photo of Becker, Clayton H. Clayton H. Becker   04/02/2002
Carol Eugene Sonntag   03/21/2002
Photo of Becker, Earlene L. (Sweigart) Earlene L. (Sweigart) Becker   03/19/2002
Mildred K. (Stauffer) Gonzalez   03/19/2002
Photo of Reich, Everett E. Everett E. Reich   03/16/2002
Photo of Schonour, Anna (Rapak) Anna (Rapak) Schonour   03/15/2002
Photo of Sweigart, Kathryn E. (Gerhart) Kathryn E. (Gerhart) Sweigart   03/10/2002
Photo of Legge, Kathryn A. (Dittrich) Kathryn A. (Dittrich) Legge   03/08/2002
Richard R. Mumma   02/14/2002
Photo of Sweigart, John V. John V. Sweigart   02/12/2002
Photo of Texter, Richard D. Richard D. Texter   02/12/2002
Photo of Reddig, Horace L. "Brooks"&n Horace L. "Brooks"&n Reddig   02/03/2002
Photo of Sweigert, Phares W. Phares W. Sweigert   02/02/2002
Photo of Costello, James F. "Bear" James F. "Bear" Costello   01/29/2002
Photo of Fry, Mildred F. (Youndt) Mildred F. (Youndt) Fry   01/26/2002
Photo of Sybil, M. Kathleen (Woods) M. Kathleen (Woods) Sybil   01/23/2002
Photo of Good, Dr. Warren R. Dr. Warren R. Good   01/13/2002
Mary O. Steffy   01/12/2002
Photo of Shimp, Clarence K. Clarence K. Shimp   01/09/2002
Photo of Althouse, Lillian (Matz) Lillian (Matz) Althouse   12/31/2001
Photo of Steely, Kevin Eugene Kevin Eugene Steely   12/25/2001
Ralph R. Ruth   12/13/2001
Photo of Trick, Dale B. Dale B. Trick   12/09/2001
Photo of Artz, Leon W. "Wimpy" Leon W. "Wimpy" Artz   12/05/2001
Photo of Burkett, Kelly D. (Lausch) Kelly D. (Lausch) Burkett   12/02/2001
Photo of Berry, Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Berry   12/02/2001
Photo of Rathman, Lesta E. (Schoener) Lesta E. (Schoener) Rathman   11/30/2001
Photo of Youndt, Ralph H. Ralph H. Youndt   11/18/2001
Photo of Good, Dorothy Laverne (Hersh) Dorothy Laverne (Hersh) Good   11/17/2001
Photo of Sanford, Thomas M. Thomas M. Sanford   11/16/2001
Photo of Lorah, Adelene K. (Witwer) Adelene K. (Witwer) Lorah   11/13/2001
Photo of Nelson, Helen Marie "Chut" Helen Marie "Chut" Nelson   11/12/2001
Photo of Miller, Cordelia H. (Frederick) Cordelia H. (Frederick) Miller   11/11/2001
Photo of Firestone, Ray C. Ray C. Firestone   11/04/2001
Photo of Fritz, Ralph T. "Schnick" Ralph T. "Schnick" Fritz   11/04/2001
Photo of Lefever, Anetta J. (Wingenroth) Anetta J. (Wingenroth) Lefever   11/02/2001
Photo of Lefever, Harry H., Jr. Harry H., Jr. Lefever   11/02/2001
Photo of Myers, Theodore H. "Motz" Theodore H. "Motz" Myers   10/26/2001
Photo of Withers, Arlan R. Arlan R. Withers   10/19/2001
Photo of Roth, Ada L. (Englert) Ada L. (Englert) Roth   10/13/2001
Alice M. (Fromm) Huyard   10/12/2001
Photo of Keiffer, Ella M. (Cammauf) Ella M. (Cammauf) Keiffer   10/11/2001
Photo of Chenet, Marjorie (Turney) Marjorie (Turney) Chenet   09/29/2001
Photo of Wanner, Eugene B. Eugene B. Wanner   09/27/2001
Photo of Getz, Eugene W. Eugene W. Getz   09/26/2001
Photo of Mentzer, Annie E. (Moyer) Annie E. (Moyer) Mentzer   09/21/2001
Photo of Texter, Julia (Milander) Julia (Milander) Texter   09/06/2001
Photo of Mohn, Barbara Jean "Snookie&quo Barbara Jean "Snookie&quo Mohn   09/01/2001
Photo of Yerger, Ethel M. (Hicks) Ethel M. (Hicks) Yerger   09/01/2001
Photo of Gonzalez, Minerva F. (Ditzler) Minerva F. (Ditzler) Gonzalez   08/18/2001
Photo of Frankhouser, Henry S. Henry S. Frankhouser   08/17/2001
Thaddeus W. "Ted" Sybil   08/14/2001
Photo of Weinhold, Marguerite (Ketner) Marguerite (Ketner) Weinhold   08/14/2001
Photo of Gift, Michael S. Michael S. Gift   08/13/2001
Photo of Schwarzmann, William G., Sr. William G., Sr. Schwarzmann   08/09/2001
Photo of Gonzalez, Rosa Michelle Rosa Michelle Gonzalez   08/04/2001
Photo of Whitaker, Kurt Michael Kurt Michael Whitaker   08/04/2001
Photo of Cybulski, Stanley Stanley Cybulski   07/31/2001
Photo of Frankhouser, Phoebe J. (Kilhefner) Phoebe J. (Kilhefner) Frankhouser   07/31/2001
Photo of Schaeffer, Jane L. (Clark) Jane L. (Clark) Schaeffer   07/23/2001
Photo of Zander, Roy L. Roy L. Zander   07/11/2001
Photo of Good, Walter L. Walter L. Good   07/08/2001
Photo of Lied, Ethel M. (Wike) Ethel M. (Wike) Lied   06/22/2001
Photo of Horst, Woodrow R. "Woody" Woodrow R. "Woody" Horst   06/20/2001
Photo of Weinhold, Harry M. "Honey" Harry M. "Honey" Weinhold   06/06/2001
Photo of Bartsch, Paul E. Paul E. Bartsch   06/03/2001
Photo of Millman, Jay I. Jay I. Millman   05/27/2001
Photo of Martin, Paul C. Paul C. Martin   05/05/2001
Photo of Franck, Alverta L. (Brubaker) Alverta L. (Brubaker) Franck   05/01/2001
Photo of Leid, Helen E. (Hoshour)  Helen E. (Hoshour)  Leid   04/28/2001
Photo of Eshleman, Merla L. (Steffy) Merla L. (Steffy) Eshleman  
Photo of Moyer, Jonathan A. "Jonnie" Jonathan A. "Jonnie" Moyer  
Photo of Zerr, Grace M. (Good) Grace M. (Good) Zerr  
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