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Photo of Zaunbrecher, Cecilia Cecilia Zaunbrecher   12/18/2014
Photo of Frey, Robert L. Robert L. "Bobby" Frey   12/17/2014
Photo of Pannell, Kylie Kylie Pannell   12/12/2014
Photo of Habetz, Henrietta Henrietta Habetz   12/10/2014
Photo of LeJeune, Claire Claire LeJeune   12/09/2014
Photo of Smith, Hilton Hilton Smith   12/06/2014
Photo of Millet, Malcolm Malcolm Millet   12/04/2014
Photo of LeJeune, Ronald C. Ronald C. LeJeune   12/02/2014
Photo of Regan, Larry Larry Regan   12/02/2014
Photo of Corbins, Sr., Russell Russell Corbins, Sr.   12/01/2014
Photo of Menard, Betty Betty Menard   12/01/2014
Photo of LaHood, Thomas Thomas LaHood   11/30/2014
Photo of Pastor, Jr., Lumay Lumay Pastor, Jr.   11/30/2014
Photo of Hawkins, Sr., Robert Robert Hawkins, Sr.   11/29/2014
Photo of Edinger, Bernie Bernie Edinger   11/27/2014
Photo of Sittig, Carolyn Carolyn Sittig   11/25/2014
Photo of Simon, Mary Mary Simon   11/22/2014
Photo of Richard, Janet Janet Richard   11/17/2014
Photo of Bellon, Kristopher Kristopher Bellon   11/17/2014
Photo of Primeaux, Ralph Ralph Primeaux   11/17/2014
Photo of Tezano, Dalanie Dalanie Tezano   11/16/2014
Photo of Henry, Lawson Lawson Henry   11/13/2014
Photo of Landry, Mary Mary Landry   11/10/2014
Photo of Monceaux, Mervin Mervin Monceaux   11/09/2014
Photo of Stefanski, Dr. Anthony Dr. Anthony Stefanski   11/02/2014
Photo of Gilbert, Pauline Pauline Gilbert   11/02/2014
Photo of Guidry, Cleveland Cleveland Guidry   11/01/2014
(No Photo Available) Wilson Abshire   11/01/2014
Photo of Richard, Thelma Ann Thelma Ann Richard   10/31/2014
(No Photo Available) Abraham Vice   10/28/2014
Photo of Nugent, Sr., Howard Howard Nugent, Sr.   10/27/2014
Photo of Villejoin, Marjorie Marjorie Villejoin   10/27/2014
Photo of Simoneaux, Alfred Alfred Simoneaux   10/20/2014
Photo of Suire, Clemile Clemile Suire   10/19/2014
Photo of Prejean, Judy Judy Prejean   10/16/2014
Photo of Breaux, Barbara Barbara Breaux   10/15/2014
Photo of Myers, Jessica Danielle Jessica Danielle Myers   10/15/2014
Photo of Wilkerson, Reena June Reena June Wilkerson   10/15/2014
Photo of Broussard, Ernie Ernie Broussard   10/14/2014
Photo of White, Jr., Lawrence Lawrence White, Jr.   10/11/2014
Photo of Petry, Sr., Donald Donald Petry, Sr.   10/09/2014
Photo of Jagneaux, Annie Annie Jagneaux   10/09/2014
Photo of Dubois, Mabel Mabel Dubois   10/06/2014
Photo of Clayton, Jody Jody Clayton   10/02/2014
Photo of Coleman, Winnie Winnie Coleman   09/29/2014
Photo of Richard, Mildred Mildred Richard   09/29/2014
Photo of Guidry, Darlene Darlene Guidry   09/26/2014
Photo of Lejeune, Brian Brian Lejeune   09/12/2014
Photo of Lafleur, Lynn Lynn Lafleur   09/12/2014
Photo of McFarlain, Glenda Glenda McFarlain   09/10/2014
Photo of Baker, Marian Margaret Marian Margaret Baker   09/10/2014
Photo of Delahoussaye, Joseph Joseph Delahoussaye   09/06/2014
Photo of Leleux, Marie Marie Leleux   09/05/2014
Photo of Hanks, Daisy Trahan Daisy Trahan Hanks   08/26/2014
Photo of Petry, Hazel Margery Hazel Margery Petry   08/26/2014
Photo of LeLeu, Ernest Ernest LeLeu   08/25/2014
Photo of LeJeune, Lyle Lyle LeJeune   08/23/2014
Photo of Camp, Frank Frank Camp   08/22/2014
Photo of Gott, Hilda Hilda Gott   08/22/2014
Photo of Earles, Juanita Juanita Earles   08/22/2014
Photo of Thibodeaux, Nicrest Nicrest Thibodeaux   08/18/2014
(No Photo Available) Laura Miller   08/17/2014
Photo of Harrington, Sybil Sybil Harrington   08/09/2014
Photo of Joseph, II, Joe Joe Joseph, II   08/06/2014
Photo of Dailey, L.J. L.J. Dailey   08/05/2014
Photo of Letz, Sr., Harold Harold Letz, Sr.   08/02/2014
Photo of Morgan, Marguerite Marguerite Morgan   08/02/2014
Photo of Orebo, Harry Harry Orebo   08/01/2014
Photo of Matte, Jo Ann Jo Ann Matte   07/28/2014
Photo of Miller, Zachary Zachary Miller   07/25/2014
Photo of Hanks, Joseph Joseph Hanks   07/21/2014
Photo of Viator, Barbara Barbara Viator   07/17/2014
(No Photo Available) Darrel Doucet   07/17/2014
Photo of Fruge, Mary Adeline Mary Adeline Fruge   07/17/2014
Photo of Myers, Jake Jake Myers   07/14/2014
Photo of Freeman, Sebastian Sebastian Freeman   07/11/2014
Photo of Reed, Martha Martha Reed   07/05/2014
Photo of LeJeune, Sharon Sharon LeJeune   07/04/2014
Photo of Orillion, Alfred Alfred Orillion   07/03/2014
Photo of LaCour, Imogene Imogene LaCour   07/01/2014
Photo of Bellon, Kenny Kenny Bellon   06/29/2014
Photo of Garrie, Debra Debra Garrie   06/29/2014
Photo of Cormier, Eual Eual Cormier   06/27/2014
Photo of LaCombe, Gwen Gwen LaCombe   06/25/2014
Photo of Charles, Yahiirah Yahiirah Charles   06/22/2014
Photo of Broussasrd, Donald Donald Broussasrd   06/22/2014
Photo of McDaniel, Thelma Thelma McDaniel   06/21/2014
Photo of Hebert, Joseph Joseph Hebert   06/18/2014
Photo of Murphy, Kathryn Kathryn Murphy   06/18/2014
Photo of Breaux, Jeffery Jeffery Breaux   06/17/2014
Photo of Murrell, Juanita Juanita Murrell   06/16/2014
Photo of Stoute, Sharon Sharon Stoute   06/13/2014
Photo of Miller, Clara Clara Miller   06/09/2014
(No Photo Available) Peggy Sonnier   06/01/2014
Photo of LeJeune, Sr., Elory Elory LeJeune, Sr.   06/01/2014
Photo of Oestriecher, Jr., Clifton Clifton Oestriecher, Jr.   05/28/2014
Photo of Sarver, Kori Kori Sarver   05/24/2014
Photo of Burton, Randall Randall Burton   05/24/2014
Photo of Butler, Aloysia Aloysia Butler   05/23/2014
Photo of Mouton, James James Mouton   05/21/2014
Photo of Deaville, Sr., Tommy Tommy Deaville, Sr.   05/21/2014
Photo of Waterbury, Gertrude Gertrude Waterbury   05/14/2014
Photo of Spallino, Stephen Stephen Spallino   05/13/2014
Photo of Coates, Mathias Mathias Coates   05/13/2014
Photo of White, Helen Helen White   05/12/2014
Photo of Gauthreaux, II, Darren Darren Gauthreaux, II   05/11/2014
Photo of Perry, Richard Richard Perry   05/08/2014
Photo of Martien, Jr., James James Martien, Jr.   05/07/2014
Photo of Ashby, Opal Marie Opal Marie Ashby   05/07/2014
Photo of Wells, Carol Carol Wells   05/01/2014
(No Photo Available) Larlene Myers   04/28/2014
Photo of John, Roberta Roberta John   04/25/2014
Photo of Langlinais, Kathleen Marie Kathleen Marie Langlinais   04/22/2014
Photo of Miles, Jr., John John Miles, Jr.   04/22/2014
Photo of Simon, Sr., Oren Oren Simon, Sr.   04/18/2014
Photo of Guillory, Betty Joyce Betty Joyce Guillory   04/17/2014
Photo of Mathews, Jr., Onephor Onephor Mathews, Jr.   04/14/2014
Photo of Bertrand, Sr., Alex Alex Bertrand, Sr.   04/10/2014
(No Photo Available) Theresa Barousse   04/08/2014
Photo of Lormand, Norise Norise Lormand   04/06/2014
Photo of Benoit, Jr., Alcide Alcide Benoit, Jr.   04/04/2014
Photo of Arceneaux, Murlie Murlie Arceneaux   03/30/2014
Photo of Soileau, Sr., Nelson Nelson Soileau, Sr.   03/26/2014
Photo of Hoffpauir, Leona Leona Hoffpauir   03/22/2014
Photo of Guidry, Georgia Georgia Guidry   03/18/2014
Photo of Benton, Willie Mae Willie Mae Benton   03/17/2014
Photo of LeBouef, Sr., Joseph Joseph LeBouef, Sr.   03/17/2014
Photo of Terro, Elwood Elwood Terro   03/13/2014
Photo of Pousson, Elridge Elridge Pousson   03/10/2014
Photo of Monceaux, Taysha Taysha Monceaux   03/06/2014
Photo of Pinion, Charles Charles Pinion   03/04/2014
Photo of Hayes, Jeffrey Jeffrey Hayes   03/02/2014
Photo of Armentor, Jr., Walter Walter Armentor, Jr.   02/27/2014
Photo of Gravot, Frank Frank Gravot   02/26/2014
Photo of Rabalais, Sr., James James Rabalais, Sr.   02/23/2014
Photo of Nelson, Thomas Thomas Nelson   02/21/2014
Photo of Frey, Anna Anna Frey   02/17/2014
Photo of Bellon, Lula Lula Bellon   02/16/2014
Photo of Harmon, Kenneth Kenneth Harmon   02/14/2014
Photo of Babineaux, Ethel Ethel Babineaux   02/13/2014
Photo of Simon, O'Neil O'Neil Simon   02/11/2014
Photo of Duncan, Suzanne Suzanne Duncan   02/09/2014
Photo of Trahan, Dorothy Dorothy Trahan   02/05/2014
Photo of Abshire, Lunia Lunia Abshire   02/04/2014
Photo of Blanchard, Marie Anna Marie Anna Blanchard   02/01/2014
Photo of LeBlanc, Robert Robert LeBlanc   01/31/2014
Photo of Murphy, Tonia Lou Tonia Lou Murphy   01/30/2014
Photo of Foreman, Bobby Bobby Foreman   01/29/2014
Photo of LeBlanc, Calvin Calvin LeBlanc   01/26/2014
Photo of Stutes, Douglas Douglas Stutes   01/25/2014
Photo of Faulconer, Russell Russell Faulconer   01/23/2014
Photo of Richard, Cynthia Cynthia Richard   01/21/2014
Photo of Dronet, Regina Regina Dronet   01/18/2014
Photo of White, Shirley Shirley White   01/14/2014
(No Photo Available) James Mamoulides   01/11/2014
Photo of Bertrand, Sr., John John Bertrand, Sr.   01/09/2014
Photo of Guidry, Julie Ann Julie Ann Guidry   01/04/2014
Photo of Abadie, Jr., Raymond Raymond Abadie, Jr.   01/03/2014
Photo of Dupont, Hazel Hazel Dupont   01/03/2014
Photo of Abshire, Emerson Emerson Abshire   01/01/2014
(No Photo Available) Michael Miller   01/01/2014
Photo of Flyte, Caylin Caylin Flyte   12/28/2013
Photo of Wyatt, Eathel Eathel Wyatt   12/27/2013
Photo of Cagnina, Joseph Joseph Cagnina   12/27/2013
Photo of Duhon, Paul Paul Duhon   12/27/2013
(No Photo Available) Enna Leger   12/22/2013
(No Photo Available) Mildred Carradine   12/20/2013
Photo of Thompson, Annette Annette Thompson   12/19/2013
Photo of Doucet, Paul Paul Doucet   12/16/2013
Photo of Fontenot, Priscilla Priscilla Fontenot   12/16/2013
(No Photo Available) Donald Dronet, Sr.   12/15/2013
Photo of Boudreaux, Mable Mable Boudreaux   12/14/2013
Photo of Ronkartz, Josephine Josephine Ronkartz   12/14/2013
Photo of Pastor, Robert Robert Pastor   12/12/2013
Photo of Frey, Jr., Edward Edward Frey, Jr.   12/10/2013
Photo of Monceaux, Betty Betty Monceaux   12/07/2013
Photo of Newman, James James Newman   12/06/2013
Photo of Hoffpauir, Lovenia Lovenia Hoffpauir   12/06/2013
Photo of Mouton, Lunia Lunia Mouton   12/02/2013
Photo of Shamsie, Jo Ann Jo Ann Shamsie   12/02/2013
Photo of Hebert, Braylon Braylon Hebert   12/01/2013
Photo of Bertrand, Marjorie Marjorie Bertrand   12/01/2013
Photo of Williams, ClaraBelle ClaraBelle Williams   11/30/2013
Photo of Dugan, Warren Warren Dugan   11/23/2013
Photo of Graf, Philip Philip Graf   11/21/2013
Photo of Reggie, Edmund Edmund Reggie   11/19/2013
Photo of Zaunbrecher, Sylvia Sylvia Zaunbrecher   11/17/2013
Photo of Edens, Terry Terry Edens   11/16/2013
Photo of Stafford, Brenda Kay Brenda Kay Stafford   11/15/2013
Photo of Oliver, Gwendyl Mona Gwendyl Mona Oliver   11/14/2013
Photo of Marceaux, Aubrey Aubrey Marceaux   11/14/2013
Photo of Prather, Robert Robert Prather   11/11/2013
Photo of McDaniel, Dianna Dianna McDaniel   11/09/2013
Photo of Truax, Shelby Shelby Truax   11/08/2013
Photo of Cart, Randall Randall Cart   11/07/2013
Photo of Bertrand, Dr. John Dr. John Bertrand   11/05/2013
Photo of Rivers, Ethel Ethel Rivers   11/03/2013
Photo of Primeaux, Nolia Nolia Primeaux   10/30/2013
Photo of Hensgens, Raymond Raymond Hensgens   10/29/2013
Photo of Meaux, Yola Yola Meaux   10/27/2013
Photo of Babineaux, Elbie Elbie Babineaux   10/24/2013
Photo of Jeffers, Marjorie Marjorie Jeffers   10/24/2013
Photo of Guidry, Dale Dale Guidry   10/20/2013
(No Photo Available) Mary Hoffpauir   10/08/2013
Photo of Desormeaux, Alice Alice Desormeaux   10/06/2013
Photo of Schexnider, Albert Albert Schexnider   10/06/2013
Photo of Melancon, Brandon Brandon Melancon   10/05/2013
Photo of Monceaux, Amy Amy Monceaux   10/04/2013
Photo of Boudreaux, Esther Esther Boudreaux   10/01/2013
Photo of Zaunbrecher, Rose Rose Zaunbrecher   09/29/2013
Photo of Isaacs, Amanda Amanda Isaacs   09/27/2013
Photo of Istre, Charles Charles Istre   09/22/2013
Photo of Klumpp, Wayne Wayne Klumpp   09/16/2013
Photo of Richard, Jules Jules Richard   09/14/2013
Photo of Clark, Ross Ross Clark   09/10/2013
Photo of Orillion, Elizabeth Elizabeth "Betty" Anne Orillion   09/05/2013
Photo of Seaton, Dorothy Dorothy Seaton   09/05/2013
Photo of Duhon, Ronald Ronald Duhon   09/03/2013
Photo of Grimmett, Sr., Daniel Daniel Grimmett, Sr.   08/28/2013
Photo of Murphy, Brian Brian Murphy   08/28/2013
Photo of Sonnier, Kayla Kayla Sonnier   08/25/2013
Photo of Solomon, Barbara Barbara Solomon   08/23/2013
Photo of Olivier, III, Hubert Hubert Olivier, III   08/14/2013
Photo of Landry, Peggy Peggy Landry   08/08/2013
Photo of Hoffpauir, Gloria Gloria Hoffpauir   08/05/2013
Photo of Perry, Donald Donald Perry   08/03/2013
Photo of Thibodeaux, Paul Paul Thibodeaux   08/03/2013
Photo of Quibodeaux, Steven Steven Quibodeaux   08/02/2013
Photo of Trouille, Rose Marie Rose Marie Trouille   07/28/2013
Photo of DiGeorge, Virginia Virginia DiGeorge   07/27/2013
Photo of Guidry, Laryman Laryman Guidry   07/25/2013
Photo of Guillory, Guilbert Guilbert Guillory   07/16/2013
Photo of Fruge, Robert Robert Fruge   07/15/2013
Photo of Stelly, George George Stelly   07/14/2013
Photo of Bellon, Steven Steven Bellon   07/08/2013
Photo of Braquet, Taylor Taylor Braquet   07/07/2013
Photo of Daigle, Sr., Verby Verby Daigle, Sr.   07/06/2013
Photo of Lewis, Jr., Charles Charles Lewis, Jr.   07/02/2013
Photo of Morgan, Lloyd Lloyd Morgan   07/02/2013
Photo of Louvierre, Charlene Charlene Louvierre   07/01/2013
Photo of Smith, Candace Candace Smith   07/01/2013
Photo of Mire, Mable Mable Mire   06/30/2013
(No Photo Available) Evelyn Faulk   06/18/2013
Photo of Petitjean, Jr., Joseph Joseph Petitjean, Jr.   06/18/2013
Photo of Doré, Margarette Margarette Doré   06/07/2013
Photo of Cuccio, Frank Frank Cuccio   06/05/2013
Photo of Johnson, Linda Linda Johnson   06/04/2013
Photo of Jeffers, Bettie Bettie Jeffers   05/31/2013
Photo of LeBlanc, Gerald Gerald LeBlanc   05/30/2013
Photo of Istre, Mitchell Mitchell Istre   05/30/2013
Photo of Kibodeaux, Allen Allen Kibodeaux   05/28/2013
Photo of Richard, Ovey Ovey Richard   05/26/2013
Photo of Cheramie, Melanie Melanie Cheramie   05/23/2013
Photo of Magnon, Norice Norice Magnon   05/20/2013
Photo of Thibodeaux, Sadie Sadie Thibodeaux   05/19/2013
Photo of James, Dr. Richard Dr. Richard James   05/16/2013
Photo of Doguet, Loretta Loretta Doguet   05/15/2013
Photo of Steele, Dannie Dannie Steele   05/15/2013
Photo of Firmin, Wallace Wallace Firmin   05/14/2013
Photo of Martin, Carmen Carmen Martin   05/12/2013
Photo of Meaux, Lauraine Lauraine Meaux   05/05/2013
Photo of Broussard, Emma Emma Broussard   05/03/2013
Photo of Taylor, Kenneth Kenneth Taylor   05/02/2013
Photo of Monceaux, Wilton Wilton Monceaux   05/01/2013
Photo of Henderson, Gerald Gerald Henderson   04/28/2013
Photo of Watson, Paula Paula Watson   04/26/2013
Photo of Miller, Joseph Joseph Miller   04/26/2013
Photo of Dronet, Elsie Elsie Dronet   04/25/2013
Photo of Hoffpauir, Callie Callie Hoffpauir   04/23/2013
Photo of Rogers, Brunella Brunella Rogers   04/23/2013
Photo of Abshire, Caster Caster Abshire   04/17/2013
Photo of Bruno, Michael Michael Bruno   04/13/2013
Photo of Trumps, James James Trumps   04/12/2013
(No Photo Available) Amy Sonnier   04/11/2013
Photo of Jukes, Harry Harry Jukes   04/07/2013
Photo of Knepper, Paul Paul Knepper   04/04/2013
Photo of Barry, Winifred Winifred Barry   03/30/2013
Photo of Brasseaux, Laura Laura Brasseaux   03/25/2013
Photo of Zaunbrecher, Pauline Pauline Zaunbrecher   03/24/2013
Photo of Maloz, Sr., Louis Louis Maloz, Sr.   03/22/2013
Photo of Ronkartz, Stephen Stephen Ronkartz   03/21/2013
Photo of Dronet, Dorothy Dorothy Dronet   03/20/2013
Photo of Cart, Richard Richard Cart   03/20/2013
Photo of Steele, Pauline Pauline Steele   03/18/2013
Photo of Sonnier, Ernest Ernest Sonnier   03/16/2013
Photo of Leger, Anna Anna Leger   03/14/2013
Photo of Arnaud, Richard Richard Arnaud   03/11/2013
Photo of Broussard, Ruby Ruby Broussard   03/11/2013
Photo of Delco, Jr., Leo Leo Delco, Jr.   03/10/2013
Photo of Fulkerson, Jack Jack Fulkerson   03/10/2013
Photo of Courville, Seth Seth Courville   03/09/2013
Photo of Potier, David David Potier   03/09/2013
Photo of Abshire, Michael Michael Abshire   03/07/2013
Photo of Allen, Rita Jean Rita Jean Allen   03/04/2013
Photo of Gautreaux, Dorothy Faye Dorothy Faye Gautreaux   03/04/2013
Photo of Broussard, Ramona Ramona Broussard   03/01/2013
Photo of Knight, William Charles William Charles Knight   02/28/2013
Photo of Robichaux, Floyd Floyd Robichaux   02/28/2013
Photo of Jabusch, Vera Vera Jabusch   02/27/2013
Photo of Smith, Dorine Dorine Smith   02/27/2013
Photo of Simon, James James Simon   02/24/2013
Photo of Lantz, Dolores Dolores Lantz   02/24/2013
Photo of Benoit, Paul Paul Benoit   02/23/2013
Photo of Fry, Shirley Marie Shirley Marie Fry   02/21/2013
Photo of Jordan, Waldean Waldean Jordan   02/21/2013
Photo of Abshire, Annie Mae Annie Mae Abshire   02/17/2013
Photo of Simon, Sr., Joseph Joseph Simon, Sr.   02/14/2013
Photo of Fogleman, Mearl Mearl Fogleman   02/14/2013
Photo of Guidry, Timothy Timothy Guidry   02/11/2013
Photo of Nelson, Walter Walter Nelson   02/11/2013
Photo of Armand, Noeda Noeda Armand   02/07/2013
Photo of Guidry, Rene Rene Guidry   02/04/2013
Photo of Hanks, Grace Grace Hanks   02/02/2013
Photo of Truax, Elnora Elnora Truax   01/29/2013
Photo of Arnaud, James James Arnaud   01/29/2013
Photo of Sarver, Troy Troy Sarver   01/29/2013
Photo of Istre, Donald Donald Istre   01/28/2013
Photo of Cassedy, Ashton Ashton Cassedy   01/28/2013
Photo of Duhon, Roy Roy Duhon   01/25/2013
(No Photo Available) Bonita Garrow   01/23/2013
Photo of Zaunbrecher, Sr., Vincent Vincent Zaunbrecher, Sr.   01/23/2013
Photo of LeJeune, Darren Darren LeJeune   01/16/2013
Photo of Sensat, Elia Elia Sensat   01/14/2013
Photo of Delahoussaye, Evelyn Evelyn Delahoussaye   01/13/2013
Photo of Edwards, Marion Marion Edwards   01/12/2013
Photo of Muller, Michel Michel Muller   01/10/2013
Photo of Buchanan, Vera Mae Vera Mae Buchanan   01/08/2013
Photo of Merritt, Velma Ruth Velma Ruth Merritt   01/06/2013
Photo of Broussard, Eva Eva Broussard   12/31/2012
Photo of Greenwald, Tedine Tedine Greenwald   12/30/2012
Photo of Venable, Elida Elida Venable   12/29/2012
Photo of Freeland, Mary Alice Mary Alice Freeland   12/26/2012
Photo of Leger, Celeda Celeda Leger   12/26/2012
Photo of Reynolds, Ora Lucia Ora Lucia Reynolds   12/25/2012
Photo of Johnson, Rachel Rachel Johnson   12/23/2012
(No Photo Available) Rose Miller   12/21/2012
Photo of LeJeune, Horace Horace LeJeune   12/21/2012
Photo of Bossley, Ludger Ludger Bossley   12/20/2012
Photo of Guidry, Ella Mae Ella Mae Guidry   12/18/2012
Photo of Marshall, Blanche Marie Blanche Marie Marshall   12/13/2012
Photo of Myers, Ogden Ogden Myers   12/13/2012
Photo of Landry, Dennis Dennis Landry   12/08/2012
Photo of Broussard, Larry Larry Broussard   12/08/2012
Photo of Cryer, Dorothy Dorothy Cryer   12/07/2012
Photo of Istre, Curnel Curnel Istre   12/06/2012
Photo of Hollier, Eluth Eluth Hollier   12/05/2012
Photo of Landry, Elaine Elaine Landry   12/05/2012
Photo of Habetz, Leonard Leonard Habetz   12/03/2012
Photo of Roy, Sr., Leon Leon Roy, Sr.   12/01/2012
Photo of Schmalz, Leonard Leonard Schmalz   11/27/2012
Photo of de la Houssaye, Frances Delores Frances Delores de la Houssaye   11/26/2012
Photo of Potier, Margarget Margarget Potier   11/26/2012
Photo of Lejeune, Mamie Mamie Lejeune   11/24/2012
Photo of Frease, Muriel Muriel Frease   11/19/2012
Photo of Boone, Robert Robert Boone   11/14/2012
Photo of Fisher, Frenzie Frenzie Fisher   11/04/2012
Photo of Blanchard, Sr., John John Blanchard, Sr.   11/03/2012
Photo of Benoit, Sr., Curtis Curtis Benoit, Sr.   10/29/2012
Photo of Barousse Sr., Joseph Joseph Barousse Sr.   10/28/2012
Photo of Istre, Norris Norris Istre   10/23/2012
Photo of Potier, Edmond Edmond Potier   10/23/2012
Photo of Schexneider, Elaine Elaine Schexneider   10/20/2012
Photo of Davis, Charles Charles Davis   10/20/2012
Photo of Duhon, Eraste Eraste Duhon   10/16/2012
Photo of Doucet, Phillip Phillip Doucet   10/14/2012
Photo of Cormier, Lucille Lucille Cormier   10/12/2012
Photo of Suire, Bernice Bernice Suire   10/10/2012
Photo of Jones, Donald Donald Jones   10/07/2012
Photo of LeJeune, Ione Carmen Ione Carmen LeJeune   10/05/2012
Photo of Neisser, Clarence Clarence Neisser   10/01/2012
Photo of Pousson, Joseph Joseph Pousson   09/30/2012
Photo of Evans, Flora Flora Evans   09/29/2012
Gracie Schexnider   09/28/2012
Photo of Leger, Allen Allen Leger   09/24/2012
Photo of Hobgood, Marjorie Marjorie Hobgood   09/24/2012
Photo of Bourgeois, Aubrey Aubrey Bourgeois   09/22/2012
Photo of Hoffpauir, Debra Debra Hoffpauir   09/21/2012
Photo of Hebert, Belinda Belinda Hebert   09/19/2012
Victoria LeBlanc   09/14/2012
Elizabeth Butaud   09/12/2012
Photo of Reppond, Joel Joel Reppond   09/03/2012
Photo of Morrow, Clifton Clifton Morrow   09/03/2012
Photo of Hoffpauir, Robert Robert Hoffpauir   09/02/2012
Photo of Rogers, Kenneth Kenneth Rogers   09/01/2012
Photo of Kober, Aglise Aglise Kober   08/31/2012
Photo of Stoute, Noah Noah Stoute   08/28/2012
Photo of Abadie, Elaine Elaine Abadie   08/24/2012
Photo of Morrow, L. L. Morrow   08/15/2012
Photo of Foreman, Huey Huey Foreman   08/11/2012
Photo of Guidry, Catherine Catherine Guidry   08/09/2012
Photo of Laughlin, Joseph Joseph Laughlin   08/07/2012
Photo of Murrell, SaMara SaMara Murrell   08/04/2012
Photo of Leger, Ethel Ethel Leger   07/25/2012
Photo of Desormeaux, Philip Philip Desormeaux   07/23/2012
Photo of Schexnayder, Kristen Kristen Schexnayder   07/18/2012
Photo of Brasseaux, Mary Mary "Onera" Brasseaux   07/10/2012
Photo of Hoffpauir, Erma Mae Erma Mae Hoffpauir   07/07/2012
Photo of Regan, Darrell Darrell Regan   07/06/2012
Photo of York, Catherine Catherine York   07/01/2012
Photo of Miller, Shirley Shirley Miller   07/01/2012
Photo of LeBlanc, Herbert Herbert LeBlanc   06/26/2012
Photo of LaCombe, Anne Anne LaCombe   06/23/2012
Photo of LeJeune, Wallace Wallace LeJeune   06/22/2012
Photo of Guidry, Laura Mae Laura Mae Guidry   06/19/2012
Photo of Pousson, Mary Mary Pousson   06/19/2012
Photo of Morrow, Ouida Ouida Morrow   06/08/2012
Photo of Bell, Nedia Nedia Bell   06/08/2012
Photo of Sarver, Mims Mims Sarver   06/07/2012
Photo of Johnson, Sr., Theodore Theodore Johnson, Sr.   06/04/2012
Photo of Istre, Helen Helen Istre   06/03/2012
Clifton Menard   06/01/2012
Photo of Owens, Carolyn Carolyn Owens   06/01/2012
Photo of Frank, Marlene Marlene Frank   05/29/2012
Photo of Manuel, Jude Jude Manuel   05/26/2012
George Cutrer   05/24/2012
Photo of Guidry, Jeanell Jeanell Guidry   05/23/2012
Photo of Fruge, Shirley Ann Shirley Ann Fruge   05/20/2012
Photo of Monceaux, Susan Susan Monceaux   05/18/2012
Photo of Foreman, Amanda Amanda Foreman   05/17/2012
Photo of Brown, Vera Vera Brown   05/17/2012
Photo of Simon, William William Simon   05/15/2012
Photo of Simon, Curtis Curtis Simon   05/03/2012
Photo of Breaux, Clifton Clifton Breaux   05/01/2012
Photo of Parks, Bradley Bradley Parks   04/29/2012
Photo of Ware, Henry Henry Ware   04/24/2012
Photo of Deville, Samuel Samuel Deville   04/16/2012
Photo of Dailey, Gerald Gerald Dailey   04/13/2012
Photo of Boulet, Eloise Eloise Boulet   04/13/2012
Photo of Breaux, Sr., Ward Ward Breaux, Sr.   04/06/2012
Photo of Trumps, Annie Annie Trumps   04/04/2012
Photo of Arceneaux, Elaine Elaine Arceneaux   04/04/2012
Photo of Martin, Brenda Brenda Martin   04/02/2012
Photo of Abshire, Wava Wava Abshire   04/01/2012
Photo of Bergeron, Susan Susan Bergeron   03/31/2012
Photo of Wyatt, Iona Iona Wyatt   03/30/2012
Photo of Simon, Israel Israel Simon   03/30/2012
Photo of Seale, Richard Richard Seale   03/29/2012
Photo of Nicholson, Rita Rita Nicholson   03/20/2012
Photo of Ruddock, Virginia Virginia Ruddock   03/20/2012
Photo of Amos, Donald Donald Amos   03/17/2012
Photo of Bertrand, Amy Amelia Amy Amelia Bertrand   03/16/2012
Photo of Johnson, Jr., Oscar Oscar Johnson, Jr.   03/16/2012
Photo of Beard, Hershal Hershal Beard   03/08/2012
Photo of Hoffpauir, Lilla Mae Lilla Mae Hoffpauir   03/01/2012
Photo of Viator, Dora Bee Dora Bee Viator   03/01/2012
Photo of Linscombe, Robert Robert Linscombe   02/29/2012
Photo of Thibodeaux, Percy Percy Thibodeaux   02/23/2012
Irick Bertrand   02/20/2012
Photo of Morvant, Francis Francis Morvant   02/17/2012
Photo of Doucet, Eula Mae Eula Mae Doucet   02/16/2012
Photo of Dugat, Arnold Arnold Dugat   02/14/2012
Photo of Courville, Sr., Harry Harry Courville, Sr.   02/12/2012
Photo of Breaux, Sandra Sandra Breaux   02/07/2012
Photo of Trahan, Jr., Christopher Christopher Trahan, Jr.   02/04/2012
Photo of Morgan, Mary Ann Mary Ann Morgan   02/03/2012
Photo of Barbier, Jr., Ernest Ernest Barbier, Jr.   01/31/2012
Photo of Breaux, Kathleen Kathleen Breaux   01/31/2012
Joseph Richard   01/28/2012
Photo of Lejeune, Rena Rena Lejeune   01/28/2012
Photo of Huesers, Ruby Ruby Huesers   01/26/2012
Photo of Miller, Una Una Miller   01/22/2012
Photo of Webb, John John Webb   01/13/2012
Photo of Lantz, James James Lantz   01/13/2012
Photo of Schexnider, Tanny Rose Tanny Rose Schexnider   01/13/2012
Photo of Trahan, Wilfred Wilfred Trahan   01/12/2012
Photo of Duthile, Richard Richard Duthile   01/11/2012
Photo of Neumeyer, Michael Michael Neumeyer   01/10/2012
Photo of Premeaux, Lucien Lucien Premeaux   01/06/2012
Photo of Gates, Bobbie Jo Bobbie Jo Gates   01/03/2012
Photo of Roche, Starlett Starlett Roche   01/03/2012
Photo of Amy, Devergne Devergne Amy   01/03/2012
Photo of Trumps, Nathalie Nathalie Trumps   12/30/2011
Photo of Hodges, Gerald Gerald Hodges   12/30/2011
Photo of Broussard, Ernest Ernest Broussard   12/29/2011
Photo of Lantier, Wallace Wallace Lantier   12/25/2011
Photo of Martin, Darren Darren Martin   12/25/2011
Photo of Truax, Willis Willis Truax   12/21/2011
Photo of Borne, Ida Ida Borne   12/20/2011
Photo of Chappuis, Alvin Alvin Chappuis   12/16/2011
Photo of Leonards, Karl Karl Leonards   12/12/2011
Photo of Monceaux, Gilbert Gilbert Monceaux   12/11/2011
Photo of Knight, Shirley Shirley Knight   12/10/2011
Photo of Marietta, Larry Larry Marietta   12/09/2011
Photo of Babineaux, Regina Regina Babineaux   12/04/2011
Photo of Miller, Alfred Alfred Miller   12/01/2011
Photo of Thibodeaux, Rufus Rufus Thibodeaux   11/30/2011
Photo of Schexnayder, Rosa Rosa Schexnayder   11/27/2011
Photo of Hayes, Karen Karen Hayes   11/26/2011
Photo of Comeaux, Curtis Curtis Comeaux   11/25/2011
Photo of Simon, Yvonne Lucille Yvonne Lucille Simon   11/21/2011
Photo of Lejeune, Arnold Arnold Lejeune   11/17/2011
Photo of Leeper, John John Leeper   11/16/2011
James Threet   11/12/2011
Photo of Quebodeaux, Elias Elias Quebodeaux   11/07/2011
Photo of Ritter, Berchmans Berchmans Ritter   11/05/2011
Photo of Truax, Shelby Shelby Truax   11/03/2011
Nora Mae Cart   11/02/2011
Photo of Thevis, Leonard Leonard Thevis   11/01/2011
Photo of Johnson, Oscar Oscar Johnson   11/01/2011
Photo of Romero, Luke Luke Romero   10/24/2011
Photo of Walden, Helen Helen Walden   10/21/2011
Photo of Hoyt, II, William William Hoyt, II   10/18/2011
Photo of Henderson, George George Henderson   10/12/2011
Photo of George, Ann Ann George   10/08/2011
Augusta Darphin   10/06/2011
Photo of Leger, Anna Mae Anna Mae Leger   09/30/2011
Photo of Matthews, Jimmy Jimmy Matthews   09/30/2011
Photo of Pedigo, Lonnie Lonnie Pedigo   09/27/2011
Photo of Spell, Randall Randall Spell   09/27/2011
Photo of Hearod, William William Hearod   09/26/2011
Lorraine Page Brooks   09/26/2011
Photo of McCuller, Margery Margery McCuller   09/26/2011
Marvin Broussard   09/16/2011
Photo of Sensat, Marcella Marcella Sensat   09/15/2011
Photo of LaSalle, Delta Delta LaSalle   09/13/2011
Wayne Dettmer   09/13/2011
Photo of Robinson, Tah-Jay Tah-Jay Robinson   09/11/2011
Photo of Johnnie, Micah Micah Johnnie   09/11/2011
Photo of Pousson, Roland Roland Pousson   09/06/2011
Kathleen Cryer   08/29/2011
Photo of Trahan, Sable Sable Trahan   08/29/2011
Photo of Naomi, Jr., Herbert Herbert Naomi, Jr.   08/26/2011
Photo of Duhon, Walter Walter Duhon   08/26/2011
Photo of Breaux, Joseph Joseph Breaux   08/25/2011
Photo of Cormier, Andrew Andrew Cormier   08/19/2011
Photo of Touchet, Gladys Gladys Touchet   08/17/2011
Photo of Dunphy, Myrtle Myrtle Dunphy   08/16/2011
Photo of Evans, Elvis Elvis Evans   08/14/2011
Photo of Gray, Tracy Tracy Gray   08/13/2011
Photo of Matirne, Jr. MD, C. C. Matirne, Jr. MD   08/11/2011
Photo of Morgan, Randay Randay Morgan   08/08/2011
Photo of Menard, Raymond Raymond Menard   08/03/2011
John Castille   08/01/2011
Photo of Nelson, Mary Mary Nelson   07/29/2011
Photo of John, Betty Jean Betty Jean John   07/28/2011
Photo of Sonnier, John John Sonnier   07/27/2011
Photo of Abshire, Gertie Hanks Gertie Hanks Abshire   07/26/2011
Photo of Harrington, Walter Walter Harrington   07/19/2011
Photo of Hebert, Harvey Harvey Hebert   07/18/2011
Photo of Chapman, Carolyn Kay Carolyn Kay Chapman   07/17/2011
Anna Thevis   07/11/2011
Photo of Scharnberg, Hazel Hazel Scharnberg   07/10/2011
Photo of Bourque, Mary Joyce Mary Joyce Bourque   07/06/2011
Georgia Brocato   07/06/2011
Photo of Faulk, Rita Rita Faulk   07/04/2011
Photo of Welch, Annette Annette Welch   07/02/2011
Photo of Joseph, Joseph Joseph Joseph   07/02/2011
Glora Franklin   06/28/2011
Photo of Istre, Robert Robert Istre   06/26/2011
Photo of Miller, Vickie Ann Vickie Ann Miller   06/26/2011
Photo of Stoute, Lula Lula Stoute   06/24/2011
Photo of Miller, Peggy Sue Peggy Sue Miller   06/24/2011
Photo of Keigley, Vivian Vivian Keigley   06/22/2011
Photo of Dartez, Helen Helen Dartez   06/22/2011
Melvin Meyer   06/19/2011
Photo of Young, James James Young   06/17/2011
Photo of Hargrave, Burton Burton Hargrave   06/17/2011
Photo of Bearb, Joseph Joseph Bearb   06/15/2011
Photo of Broussard, Laudres Laudres Broussard   06/13/2011
Photo of Richard, Matthew Matthew Richard   06/09/2011
Photo of Carriere, Kellie Kellie Carriere   06/07/2011
Photo of Jeffers, James James Jeffers   06/04/2011
Photo of Prather, Misty Malana Misty Malana Prather   06/02/2011
Photo of LeBlanc, Iris Mae Iris Mae LeBlanc   05/30/2011
Photo of Broussard, John John Broussard   05/28/2011
Photo of Wagers, Joseph Joseph Wagers   05/24/2011
Photo of Seilhan, Imea Imea Seilhan   05/20/2011
Maude Kennedy   05/20/2011
Photo of Miles, Mary Evelyn Mary Evelyn Miles   05/19/2011
Photo of Edinger, Arthur Arthur Edinger   05/17/2011
Photo of Hindman, Sr, James James Hindman, Sr   05/15/2011
Photo of John, Michael Michael John   05/12/2011
Photo of Cart, Ruby Ruby Cart   05/12/2011
Photo of Henry, Ruth Ruth Henry   05/11/2011
Photo of Adam, Hilda Hilda Adam   05/10/2011
Photo of Doucet, Robert Robert Doucet   05/09/2011
Photo of Trahan, Joseph Joseph Trahan   05/09/2011
Photo of Schexnider, Jr., Joseph Joseph Schexnider, Jr.   05/08/2011
Photo of Miller, Thomas Thomas Miller   05/07/2011
Photo of Morgan, John John Morgan   05/04/2011
Photo of Hebert, James James Hebert   04/29/2011
Photo of Smith, Jennings Jennings Smith   04/28/2011
Photo of Kibodeaux, Joseph Joseph Kibodeaux   04/26/2011
Photo of Louvier, William William Louvier   04/25/2011
Photo of Smith, Belzie Jane Belzie Jane Smith   04/25/2011
Photo of Hollier, Robert Robert Hollier   04/23/2011
Photo of LeBlanc, Rebecca Rebecca LeBlanc   04/23/2011
Photo of Broussard, Darren Darren Broussard   04/20/2011
Photo of Hoffpauir, Velma Velma Hoffpauir   04/20/2011
Photo of Myers, Elda Rene Elda Rene Myers   04/20/2011
Photo of O'Conner, Catherine Catherine O'Conner   04/18/2011
Photo of Trouille, Sr., Joseph Joseph Trouille, Sr.   04/13/2011
John Lambousy   04/13/2011
Photo of Monceaux, Dorothy Dorothy Monceaux   04/12/2011
Phillip Patton   04/12/2011
Estelle Raspberry   04/10/2011
Ninfa Guidry   04/06/2011
Photo of McDaniel, Jr., David David McDaniel, Jr.   04/04/2011
Photo of Fontenot, Eva Eva Fontenot   04/04/2011
Photo of Trahan, Troy Troy Trahan   04/02/2011
Photo of Stansbury, Sarah Sarah Stansbury   04/01/2011
Kenneth Hoffpauir   03/29/2011
Photo of McFarlain, Harold Harold McFarlain   03/29/2011
Photo of Meche, Vivian Mae Vivian Mae Meche   03/28/2011
Photo of Henry, Esther Esther Henry   03/27/2011
Photo of Robbins, Dorothy Kay Dorothy Kay Robbins   03/25/2011
Photo of Harrington, Neomia Marie Neomia Marie Harrington   03/22/2011
Photo of Sarver, Joseph Joseph Sarver   03/20/2011
Photo of Thibodeaux, Nelda Faye Nelda Faye Thibodeaux   03/14/2011
Photo of Henderson, June June Henderson   03/12/2011
Photo of Villejoin, Louise Louise Villejoin   03/08/2011
Photo of Wyatt, Wendell Wendell Wyatt   03/03/2011
Photo of Pousson, Frederick Frederick Pousson   03/03/2011
Everett Prudhomme   03/02/2011
Photo of Hargrave, Victoria Victoria Hargrave   02/25/2011
Photo of Chappuis, Thelma Ione Thelma Ione Chappuis   02/23/2011
Photo of Young, Benson Benson Young   02/22/2011
Photo of Dronet, Lillie Lillie Dronet   02/21/2011
Photo of Gill, Helen Helen Gill   02/20/2011
Photo of Miller, Louis Louis Miller   02/19/2011
Photo of Hoffpauir, Norris Norris Hoffpauir   02/18/2011
Photo of Erbe, Lawrence Lawrence Erbe   02/18/2011
Photo of Carriere, Michelle Michelle Carriere   02/06/2011
Photo of Hains, Anna Jean Anna Jean Hains   02/02/2011
Photo of Mire, Harold Harold Mire   02/02/2011
Photo of Duhon, Wanette Wanette Duhon   01/28/2011
Photo of Guidry, Mary Lou Mary Lou Guidry   01/28/2011
Photo of Cart, John John Cart   01/28/2011
Photo of Spell, Thomas Thomas Spell   01/25/2011
Photo of Fruge, Rodney Rodney Fruge   01/25/2011
Photo of Schneider, Lawrence Lawrence Schneider   01/22/2011
Photo of Cryer, Mary Mary Cryer   01/20/2011
Photo of Meche, Margaret Margaret Meche   01/19/2011
Photo of Kibodeaux, Viola Viola Kibodeaux   01/17/2011
Photo of Hebert, Dave Dave Hebert   01/17/2011
Photo of Bailey, Monica Monica Bailey   01/17/2011
Yvonne Bruchez   01/14/2011
Photo of Dischler, Anna Mary Anna Mary Dischler   01/13/2011
Photo of Monceaux, Richard Richard Monceaux   01/03/2011
Photo of Meaux, Adam Adam Meaux   01/03/2011
Photo of Laughlin, Fred Fred Laughlin   01/03/2011
Photo of Begnaud, Rita Rita Begnaud   01/01/2011
Photo of Breaux, Ezra Ezra Breaux   12/29/2010
Photo of Duhon, Mary Alice Mary Alice Duhon   12/28/2010
Photo of Monceaux, Estina Estina Monceaux   12/26/2010
Photo of Fruge, Yvonne Marie Yvonne Marie Fruge   12/24/2010
Photo of Lejeune, John John Lejeune   12/24/2010
Dale Hester   12/19/2010
Dudley Cart   12/15/2010
Photo of Andrepont, Marlon Marlon Andrepont   12/12/2010
Photo of Breaux, Rena Rena Breaux   12/02/2010
Photo of Gott, Malcolm Malcolm Gott   11/22/2010
Photo of Cormier, Michael Michael Cormier   11/18/2010
Photo of Lejeune, Lydia Ann Lydia Ann Lejeune   11/16/2010
Photo of Richard, Russell Russell Richard   11/11/2010
Photo of Petitjean, Jr., Ernest Ernest Petitjean, Jr.   11/08/2010
Photo of Caplinger, Jacob Jacob Caplinger   11/07/2010
Photo of Lejeune, Lubert Lubert Lejeune   11/04/2010
Photo of McDaniel, Billy Billy McDaniel   11/02/2010
Photo of Scharnberg, John John Scharnberg   10/31/2010
Photo of Henry, Oran Oran Henry   10/30/2010
Photo of Monceaux, Patrick Patrick Monceaux   10/25/2010
Photo of Huesers, Michael Michael Huesers   10/21/2010
Photo of Trumps, Theresa Theresa Trumps   10/17/2010
Ernest Cormier   10/14/2010
Photo of Baronet, Joseph Joseph Baronet   10/13/2010
Photo of Faulk, Darrell Darrell Faulk   10/10/2010
Photo of May, Mary Mary May   10/10/2010
James Trumps   10/09/2010
Photo of Andrepont, Gary Gary Andrepont   10/09/2010
Photo of Feverjean, Natalie Natalie Feverjean   10/08/2010
Photo of Benoit, Dean Dean Benoit   10/05/2010
Photo of Lejeune, Rodney Rodney Lejeune   09/25/2010
Photo of Voitier, Stephen Stephen Voitier   09/25/2010
Photo of Goss, Merline Merline Goss   09/18/2010
John Robison, Sr.   09/11/2010
Photo of Pousson, Florence Florence Pousson   09/10/2010
Photo of Breaux, Michael Michael Breaux   09/07/2010
Photo of Leger, Leona Leona Leger   09/06/2010
Photo of Istre, Ravien Ravien Istre   09/05/2010
Photo of Guidry, Jeffrey Jeffrey Guidry   09/05/2010
Photo of Ducrest, Beverly Ann Beverly Ann Ducrest   09/04/2010
Photo of May, Natasha Natasha May   09/02/2010
Hebert Lengefeld, Sr.   08/30/2010
Photo of Leger, Norris Norris Leger   08/28/2010
Photo of Keeney, Betty Betty Keeney   08/19/2010
Photo of Broussard, Janet Janet Broussard   08/17/2010
Photo of Juneau, James James Juneau   08/16/2010
Photo of Richard, Claude Claude Richard   08/16/2010
Photo of Leleaux, Minus Minus Leleaux   08/11/2010
Norris Guidry   08/09/2010
Joseph Stutes   08/08/2010
Photo of Reggie, Paul Paul Reggie   08/05/2010
Photo of Savant, Barbara Barbara Savant   08/05/2010
Photo of Habetz, Patricia Patricia Habetz   08/04/2010
Photo of Guidry, Murphy Murphy Guidry   08/03/2010
Photo of Guidry, Mary Joyce Mary Joyce Guidry   07/31/2010
Photo of Boudreaux, June June Boudreaux   07/29/2010
Photo of Istre, Willie Willie Istre   07/29/2010
Photo of Sarver, Annie Mae Annie Mae Sarver   07/28/2010
Photo of Regan, Angela Angela Regan   07/25/2010
Photo of Trahan, Virginia Virginia Trahan   07/21/2010
Photo of Beard, Ronald Ronald Beard   07/20/2010
Photo of Bourgeois, Phyllis Phyllis Bourgeois   07/20/2010
Photo of Miller, Joyce Joyce Miller   07/13/2010
Photo of Abshire, Lynn Lynn Abshire   07/11/2010
Photo of Cramer, Norbert Norbert Cramer   07/06/2010
Photo of Breaux, Leonard Leonard Breaux   07/03/2010
Photo of Mier, Charles Charles Mier   07/02/2010
Photo of Mouton, Michael Michael Mouton   06/29/2010
Photo of Theunissen, Mary Kathryn Mary Kathryn Theunissen   06/25/2010
Photo of Cramer, Carrie Carrie Cramer   06/23/2010
Photo of Lormand, Loyce Loyce Lormand   06/22/2010
Photo of Faulk, Lawrence Lawrence Faulk   06/20/2010
Donald McClelland   06/19/2010
Photo of Ancelet, Rayford Rayford Ancelet   06/11/2010
Photo of McNutt, Jewelle Jewelle McNutt   06/11/2010
Photo of Doise, Leo Leo Doise   06/09/2010
Photo of Benoit, Charles Charles Benoit   06/08/2010
Photo of Fontenot, Agnes Agnes Fontenot   06/07/2010
Photo of Miller, Ruby Ruby Miller   06/05/2010
Photo of Hoffman, Wanda Wanda Hoffman   06/05/2010
Photo of Hilliard, Todd Todd Hilliard   06/03/2010
Photo of Miller, Georgia Georgia Miller   06/02/2010
Photo of Fruge, Noah Noah Fruge   06/02/2010
Photo of Guidry, James James Guidry   06/01/2010
Photo of Stafford, Doris Doris Stafford   05/29/2010
Photo of Stutes, Robert Robert Stutes   05/28/2010
Photo of Reed, Marjorie Marjorie Reed   05/26/2010
Photo of Ancelet, Walter Walter Ancelet   05/26/2010
Photo of Harmon, Leo Leo Harmon   05/24/2010
Photo of Hebert, Donna Donna Hebert   05/24/2010
Photo of MacKenzie, Louis Louis MacKenzie   05/24/2010
Burton Trumps   05/23/2010
Photo of Credeur, Dalton Dalton Credeur   05/20/2010
Photo of LeJeune, Luke Luke LeJeune   05/19/2010
Photo of Henry, Allison Allison Henry   05/17/2010
Photo of Meaux, Richard Richard Meaux   05/15/2010
Photo of Simon, Genevieve Genevieve Simon   05/14/2010
Photo of Hulin, Jr., Perry Perry Hulin, Jr.   05/14/2010
Photo of Perry, Gregg Gregg Perry   05/14/2010
Photo of Breaux, Agnes Agnes Breaux   05/13/2010
Photo of Dugan, Henry Henry Dugan   05/11/2010
Photo of Foreman, Jessie Mae Jessie Mae Foreman   05/11/2010
Photo of Navarre, Sam Sam Navarre   05/06/2010
Photo of Hanisee, Hilda Hilda Hanisee   05/02/2010
Photo of Foret, Jr., Henry Henry Foret, Jr.   04/26/2010
Irene Pousson   04/25/2010
Photo of Meaux, Don Don Meaux   04/20/2010
Kaden Caruso-Cormier   04/18/2010
Photo of Miller, Dorthy Dorthy Miller   04/16/2010
Photo of Arabie, Preston Preston Arabie   04/16/2010
Photo of Benoit, Harry Harry Benoit   04/13/2010
Photo of Duhon, Monique Monique Duhon   04/13/2010
Photo of Schneider, Jr., Frank Frank Schneider, Jr.   04/10/2010
Photo of Broussard Coles, Therese Therese Broussard Coles   04/09/2010
Photo of Romero, Jr., Wilfred Wilfred Romero, Jr.   04/07/2010
Brett Lantz   04/07/2010
Photo of Hanks, Vineace Vineace Hanks   04/02/2010
Photo of Pearlstein Erbe, Janet Janet Pearlstein Erbe   03/29/2010
Photo of Bossley, Ruby Ruby Bossley   03/26/2010
Photo of Monceaux, Rose Rose Monceaux   03/26/2010
Photo of Leonards, Barbara Barbara Leonards   03/24/2010
Photo of Hensgens, Doris Doris Hensgens   03/24/2010
Photo of Fontenot, Janet Janet Fontenot   03/21/2010
Photo of Hebert, Leon Leon Hebert   03/19/2010
Photo of Mouton, Raylyn' Raylyn' Mouton   03/16/2010
Photo of Bankston, Bruce Bruce Bankston   03/15/2010
Photo of Pousson, Rigney Rigney Pousson   03/14/2010
Elmer Sarver   03/12/2010
Photo of Fuselier, Shasta Shasta Fuselier   03/10/2010
Photo of Hoffpauir, Sr., Karl Karl Hoffpauir, Sr.   03/07/2010
Photo of Areno, Jared Jared Areno   03/04/2010
Photo of Omohundro, Jane Jane Omohundro   03/01/2010
Photo of Rogers, Daniel Daniel Rogers   02/27/2010
Photo of Boudreaux, Linda Linda Boudreaux   02/22/2010
Photo of Gardiner, Daniel Daniel Gardiner   02/21/2010
Photo of Sandidge, Travis Travis Sandidge   02/21/2010
(No Photo Available) Roy Mouton   02/20/2010
Photo of Schexnider, Robert Robert Schexnider   02/19/2010
Photo of Maraist, Frederick Frederick Maraist   02/17/2010
Cedric Hoffpauir   02/17/2010
Photo of Vincent, Melba Melba Vincent   02/15/2010
Photo of Ancelet, Marelia Marelia Ancelet   02/15/2010
Photo of Felber, Harriet Houghton Harriet Houghton Felber   02/09/2010
Photo of Broussard, Alma Alma Broussard   02/02/2010
Photo of Lewis, Ruby Rae Ruby Rae Lewis   01/25/2010
Photo of Hargrave, Ida Ida Hargrave   01/23/2010
Fenner Duncan   01/23/2010
Photo of Hanks, Allna Allna Hanks   01/18/2010
Photo of Leger, Elda Elda Leger   01/14/2010
Frank Richard   01/13/2010
Photo of Verret, Eva Eva Verret   01/12/2010
Photo of Rasberry, Loretta Ann Loretta Ann Rasberry   01/12/2010
Photo of Simon, Frank Frank Simon   01/10/2010
Photo of Brucato, Frank Frank Brucato   01/09/2010
Photo of Myers, Linda Linda Myers   01/07/2010
Photo of Frank, Jack Jack Frank   01/02/2010
Photo of Pryor, Mable Mable Pryor   01/02/2010
Photo of Stewart, Charles Charles Stewart   12/29/2009
Betty McDathe   12/28/2009
Photo of Shamsie, Paul Paul Shamsie   12/26/2009
Photo of Pizzolatto, Angelo Angelo Pizzolatto   12/24/2009
Photo of DeVille, Donald Donald DeVille   12/22/2009
Photo of Sonnier, Ruth Ruth Sonnier   12/21/2009
Photo of Guidry, Wade Wade Guidry   12/15/2009
Photo of Sittig, Carrol Carrol Sittig   12/08/2009
Photo of Cart, Christine Christine Cart   12/08/2009
Ernest DeVille   12/04/2009
Norma Derrick   12/03/2009
Oren Simon   11/28/2009
Jonathan Scanlan   11/27/2009
Rufus Hanks   11/26/2009
Richard Morgan   11/18/2009
Felicitas Cramer   11/16/2009
Russell Reed   11/14/2009
Charles Pridgeon   11/12/2009
Marvin Hoffpauir   11/11/2009
Vaughn LeJeune   11/11/2009
Morris Guidry   11/09/2009
Lynda Monceaux   11/08/2009
Callie Pizzolatto   11/07/2009
Widley Istre   11/07/2009
Lou Alice Miller   11/04/2009
Joseph Hornsby   10/30/2009
Genevieve Meaux   10/25/2009
Mary Dietz   10/24/2009
Lula Belle Beard   10/20/2009
Mary Alice Joffrion   10/12/2009
Pamela Walker   10/12/2009
Mary Ann Holden   10/11/2009
Betty Lawson   10/08/2009
Stella Zaunbrecher   10/06/2009
Chester Wilkerson   10/05/2009
Christopher Avel   10/02/2009
Nicholas Clayton   10/01/2009
Nicholas Dequeant   09/30/2009
Elgine Gauthreaux   09/15/2009
Willie Mae Fulkerson   09/14/2009
Laura Bell Lejeune   09/12/2009
Joseph Cormier   09/12/2009
WIlliam Hensgens   09/10/2009
Martha Prather   09/10/2009
Donald Blanchard   09/09/2009
Helen Frey   09/03/2009
Joseph Cormier   08/31/2009
Elton Arceneaux   08/31/2009
Manuel Fuentes   08/28/2009
Darlene Dronet   08/27/2009
Lynn Lyons   08/27/2009
Verda Hebert   08/24/2009
Mildred Hollier   08/19/2009
Genevieve Thibodeaux   08/17/2009
Murphy Henry   08/06/2009
Sarah Reese   08/05/2009
Elaine Cormier   08/05/2009
Margie Kibodeaux   08/03/2009
Norris Breaux   07/31/2009
Thelma Hanks   07/29/2009
Katherine Rainey   07/26/2009
Andrew Huesers   07/25/2009
Mary June Smith   07/25/2009
Frida Murphy   07/24/2009
Scott Petry   07/18/2009
Raywood Vincent   07/18/2009
Susan Herpin   07/17/2009
Marie Stoma   07/17/2009
Jerry Womack   07/12/2009
Howard Newman   07/08/2009
Neumae Simon   07/08/2009
Guy Gardiner   07/07/2009
Joseph Young   07/05/2009
Joycie Mier   06/28/2009
Fray Frederick   06/20/2009
Shirley Crawford   06/20/2009
Linda Hamilton   06/04/2009
Cleveland Guillot   06/02/2009
Ruby Saltzman   06/01/2009
Newton Leger, Sr.   06/01/2009
Dorothy Miller   06/01/2009
Frances Davis   05/27/2009
Mary Beatrice Sureta   05/23/2009
Joyce Leger   05/21/2009
Rudell Voorhies   05/19/2009
Nicholas Hensgens   05/09/2009
Christine Ducote   05/09/2009
Mable Istre   05/04/2009
Nelda Ann Henry   05/03/2009
Eli Breaux   05/01/2009
Marie Valair   04/17/2009
Rae Matte   04/16/2009
Alice Spell   04/09/2009
Hershel Robinson   04/09/2009
Howard Meaux   04/06/2009
Clifford Primeaux   03/28/2009
Lillie Bearb   03/25/2009
Keith Foreman   03/23/2009
Florence Manuel   03/20/2009
Patsy Henry   03/20/2009
Janet Manuel   03/13/2009
Lucille John   03/12/2009
Louis Landry   03/11/2009
Vernice Hebert   03/03/2009
Charles Hebert, Sr.   02/25/2009
Mary Lou Laughlin   02/23/2009
Mable Doise   02/22/2009
Winnie Blanchard   02/21/2009
Robert Cutrer   02/17/2009
Margaret Schatzle   02/15/2009
Fred Hebert   02/13/2009
Joseph Bertrand   02/10/2009
Lola Belle Foret   02/09/2009
Edmund Regan   02/06/2009
Johnny Fruge   02/02/2009
Verdie Floyd   01/31/2009
Azerine Delaphous   01/31/2009
Carlson Thibodeaux   01/29/2009
Pearl Hoffpauir   01/27/2009
Frances Jenkins   01/24/2009
Genevieve Zaunbrecher   01/21/2009
Joseph Kebodeaux, Sr.   01/20/2009
Robert Guidry   01/17/2009
Barbara Burnette   01/10/2009
Jeanette Fachan   01/09/2009
Rowland Regan   01/06/2009
Euel Landry   01/03/2009
Lovenia Guidry   12/31/2008
Ethel Rampmaier   12/24/2008
Flossie Mae Monceaux   12/24/2008
Joseph LeJeune   12/17/2008
Shelton Miller   12/16/2008
Frances Gilbert   12/13/2008
Gaston Butaud   12/11/2008
Nicholas Hebert   12/11/2008
Katharine Cowen   12/10/2008
Geraldine Quebodeaux   12/03/2008
Ruby Reed   11/30/2008
Leo Dies   11/30/2008
Charles Dischler   11/20/2008
Mavis Jamison   11/20/2008
Miriah Cox   11/16/2008
Harry Medus   11/13/2008
William Hoffpauer   11/10/2008
Charles Solomon   11/10/2008
Carolyn Earl   11/09/2008
Ronnie Gaspard   11/07/2008
Hermilia Stanford   11/05/2008
Helen Gardiner   11/04/2008
Leola Pauline Mier   11/03/2008
Nolan Hebert   11/01/2008
Thera Hilliard   10/31/2008
Samuel Reggie   10/23/2008
Narsidas Katira   10/17/2008
Diane Faulk   10/16/2008
Kenneth Myers   10/15/2008
Donald John   10/14/2008
Howard Hollier   10/13/2008
Vivian Primeaux   10/13/2008
Montgomery Suire   10/02/2008
Pauline Joanne Richey   10/01/2008
Thesta Myers   09/30/2008
Robert Huff   09/27/2008
Warren LeJeune   09/26/2008
Rosemary Sammartino   09/24/2008
Burgess Thomas   09/21/2008
Harold McFarland   09/20/2008
Helen Akers   09/14/2008
Ned Wilson   09/09/2008
Alan Vondenstein   09/08/2008
Preston Gauthreaux   09/04/2008
Robert Soulier   09/01/2008
Amanda Lee   08/30/2008
Frances Olivier   08/30/2008
Peter Trahan   08/25/2008
Lloyd Gray   08/25/2008
Hellas Gaspard   08/20/2008
Mary Stroderd   08/19/2008
Hubert Primeaux   08/18/2008
Kermit Cormier   08/18/2008
(No Photo Available) Margie Faye Mattox   08/16/2008
Lawrence Hains   08/11/2008
Mattie Harrison   08/07/2008
Agnes Robinson   07/27/2008
Michael Bergeron   07/25/2008
James Smith   07/23/2008
Isadore Greenwald   07/23/2008
Melissa Cofer   07/22/2008
Donnaud Williams   07/18/2008
Bernice Crawford   07/15/2008
Katherine Ann Richard   07/12/2008
John Breaux   07/12/2008
Martha LeBlanc   07/11/2008
Willie Belle Hebert   07/11/2008
Michael Guillory   07/11/2008
Rose Bias   07/09/2008
Azelia Breaux   07/09/2008
Zula Burleigh   07/05/2008
Mary Barbara Hoffpauir   07/04/2008
Brenda Haynes-Holden   06/28/2008
Jared Regan   06/27/2008
Pearl Henderson   06/27/2008
Adelaide Prejean   06/23/2008
Corey Stelly   06/22/2008
Matthew Arnold   06/17/2008
Isla Billingsley   06/10/2008
Gladys Smith   06/10/2008
Steve Wilkerson   06/03/2008
Rogers Christman   06/01/2008
Kathleen O'Donnell   05/30/2008
Gabriel Domingue   05/27/2008
Beatrice Simon   05/20/2008
William Schexnayder   05/20/2008
Leon Hoffpauir   05/15/2008
Frances Dietz   05/14/2008
Hubert Guidry   05/13/2008
Pearl LeBlanc   05/11/2008
Mary Bouillion   05/08/2008
Belton Boullion   05/02/2008
Anne Caffery   05/01/2008
Leticia Hulin   04/28/2008
Nelton LeBlanc   04/22/2008
Lucille Gravot   04/18/2008
Marylyn Manuel   04/18/2008
Nolan Sensat   04/10/2008
Carol Vallot   04/10/2008
Joseph Badon   04/09/2008
Carol Lazard   04/09/2008
Matilda Spell   04/07/2008
Leon Ritter   03/31/2008
Harold LaVergne   03/31/2008
Sevillia Delcour   03/31/2008
Regina Doucet   03/23/2008
Phillip Robinson   03/21/2008
Brenda Istre   03/17/2008
Ricky Moore   03/10/2008
Eugenie Musacchio   03/09/2008
Mary Edith Ziegler   03/06/2008
Roland Clayton   03/04/2008
John Broussard   03/03/2008
Marie Sonnier   03/02/2008
Leamon Hoffpauir   02/25/2008
Norma Miller   02/20/2008
Lois Sonnier   02/19/2008
Byron Lafleur   02/18/2008
Lois Gouaux   02/13/2008
Charles Andrepont   02/10/2008
Janell Valair   02/08/2008
Elzy Faulk   02/07/2008
Allen LeBlanc   02/07/2008
DeBlanc de la Houssaye   02/07/2008
Herbert Morgan   02/05/2008
Alida Gall   02/01/2008
Burnell Sonnier   01/27/2008
Leonard Hensgens   01/27/2008
George Landry   01/27/2008
Veneda Abshire   01/23/2008
Marie Ruby Giles Richard   01/23/2008
Marjorie Guillory   01/22/2008
Gercy Laughlin   01/21/2008
Lee Stelly   01/16/2008
Mary Thevis   01/14/2008
Rena Abshire   01/13/2008
Barbara Hoffpauir   01/13/2008
Stephen Stamm   01/11/2008
Eldridge Hoffpauir   01/10/2008
William Schendel   01/08/2008
Troy Cashi   01/07/2008
Harrell Hoffpauir   12/31/2007
James Thevis   12/28/2007
MARY MEAUX   12/28/2007
Henry Weaver   12/21/2007
Beulah Ziegler   12/21/2007
Theodore Nolan   12/16/2007
Ivan Weekley   12/14/2007
James Stakes   12/14/2007
Janet Stelly   12/11/2007
Deborah Guagliardo   12/10/2007
Milton LeBouef   12/09/2007
Elton Meaux   12/06/2007
Donald Walsh   12/06/2007
George Samson   12/04/2007
Clifton Myers   12/04/2007
Rosalie Cormier   11/30/2007
Jay Monceaux   11/30/2007
Mable Chapman   11/29/2007
Audrey Broussard   11/29/2007
Carl Hebert   11/28/2007
Blanche Henderson   11/27/2007
Robin Bullard   11/27/2007
Lerline Meaux   11/23/2007
Hayden Miller   11/23/2007
John Figard   11/22/2007
Una Richard   11/21/2007
Willie Laviolette   11/21/2007
Caroline Sarsfield   11/21/2007
Gerald Doucet   11/20/2007
Russell Landry   11/20/2007
Jack Hoffpauir   11/18/2007
Mary Meche   11/07/2007
Brenda Istre   11/06/2007
Marguerite Harmon   11/02/2007
Cleveland Cart   11/01/2007
Betty Lou Faulk   10/31/2007
Stephen Schneider   10/27/2007
Albert Hebert   10/27/2007
Dallas Richard   10/23/2007
Catherine Prudhomme   10/23/2007
Samuel Lusco   10/22/2007
Ronald Comeaux   10/21/2007
Lottie Comeaux   10/11/2007
Angela Henry   10/08/2007
Ronald Harris   10/05/2007
Leslie Bertrand   10/05/2007
Cecil Moore   10/03/2007
John Simon   10/01/2007
Howard Gaspard, Sr.   09/30/2007
Roland Miller   09/28/2007
Gregory Leger   09/28/2007
Oliver Primeaux   09/27/2007
Quinton Green   09/23/2007
Pershing Dsrphin   09/23/2007
Pershing Darphin   09/23/2007
Harry LaCasse   09/22/2007
Nettie Mae Green   09/20/2007
Donald Gueno   09/19/2007
Mary Willis Babineaux   09/17/2007
Karel Fontenot   09/17/2007
Wilbert Oliver   09/15/2007
Anna Lou Breaux   09/12/2007
Carrie Dischler   09/10/2007
Bobby Breaux   09/10/2007
Dorothy Suire   09/09/2007
Nettie Gayle Monceaux   09/08/2007
Angelas Istre   09/07/2007
Clyde Martin   09/07/2007
Audrey Lambousy   09/04/2007
Otto Zaunbrecher   09/04/2007
Velta Marie Abshire   09/02/2007
Lori Moore   08/31/2007
Charlotte Spell   08/30/2007
Harvey Regan   08/30/2007
Alberta Schexnider   08/27/2007
Donicien Clement   08/27/2007
John Puissegur   08/24/2007
Susan LeJeune   08/23/2007
Willie Hargrave   08/20/2007
Jeffery Faulconer   08/18/2007
Isabelle Hayes   08/17/2007
Viola Truax   08/15/2007
Joseph Mosa   08/08/2007
Catherine Leger   08/07/2007
Betty Pousson   08/04/2007
John Satchell   07/28/2007
Eula Mae Meaux   07/27/2007
Clara Whitten   07/27/2007
Renella Martien   07/27/2007
Harvey Matte   07/23/2007
Ed Mier   07/22/2007
Mabel Mayeaux   07/22/2007
Eastin Breaux   07/20/2007
Robert LeJeune   07/18/2007
Robert Fry   07/17/2007
Beulah Romero   07/13/2007
John Clark   07/09/2007
Cleveland Thibodeaux   07/09/2007
Darryl Sullivan   07/08/2007
Huey Vincent   07/07/2007
Evans Cormier   07/07/2007
Andree' Lalande   07/03/2007
Clyde Kebodeaux   07/02/2007
Beverly Mouton   06/30/2007
Ollie Mae Harmon   06/29/2007
Zan Miller   06/28/2007
Gilbert James   06/27/2007
John Sittig   06/23/2007
Mabel Fuselier   06/18/2007
Elizabeth Abshire   06/15/2007
Eula Dequeant   06/15/2007
Verdie Dartez   06/14/2007
Naymond Hanks   06/13/2007
Cai Ole Larsen   06/13/2007
Chloe Sellers   06/12/2007
Linda Lejeune   06/07/2007
Avia Benoit   06/04/2007
Dwayne Stoute   06/02/2007
Myrtle Gauthreaux   05/31/2007
Lynette LeBlanc   05/28/2007
Warren Smith   05/26/2007
Delcie Linscomb   05/26/2007
Steven Istre   05/23/2007
Beulah Faulk   05/22/2007
Allen Huckaby   05/21/2007
Sedonia Freeman   05/16/2007
Leo LeBlanc   05/15/2007
WIlliam Oliver, Sr.   05/13/2007
Lona Mae Monceaux   05/11/2007
Carris Benoit   05/09/2007
Elvina Stewart   05/08/2007
Joseph Clement, Sr.   05/06/2007
Lawrence Nolan   05/02/2007
Arnette Morgan   04/28/2007
Stella Killmer   04/28/2007
Paul Wild   04/27/2007
Emile Cormier   04/27/2007
Betty Pousson   04/26/2007
Harvey Dequeant   04/26/2007
Velma Guidry   04/26/2007
Robert D'Aquin, Jr.   04/26/2007
Lillian Blackburn   04/22/2007
Gerald Abshire   04/14/2007
Emery Simon   04/13/2007
Florence Mauboules   04/12/2007
Effie Thibodeaux   04/11/2007
Thelma Berken   04/06/2007
Marie Cormier   04/05/2007
Clayton Landry   04/05/2007
Irene Schendel   04/04/2007
Rose Cubbage   03/30/2007
Frederick Durio   03/27/2007
Elvina Myers   03/26/2007
Leah Amy   03/23/2007
Mary Seaux   03/23/2007
Una Thibodeaux   03/22/2007
Stephanie Rawls   03/22/2007
Addie Cormier   03/18/2007
Lucien Breaux   03/17/2007
Lorina May Doucet   03/16/2007
Hilda Guidry   03/15/2007
Rachel Henry   03/10/2007
Nancy Leger   03/10/2007
Matthew Leger   03/10/2007
Cecile Trahan   03/04/2007
Whitney Schexnayder   03/04/2007
Betty Courville   03/01/2007
Ouida Domingue   02/28/2007
Frances Boudreaux   02/28/2007
Lillian Velma Stansbury   02/25/2007
Nola Valdetero   02/22/2007
George Watson   02/19/2007
Aldina Primeaux   02/19/2007
Salmon Wright   02/18/2007
Jackie Amy   02/17/2007
Nora Cantey   02/13/2007
Leonard Spears   02/11/2007
Minnie Shamblin   02/11/2007
Bertha Doucet   02/06/2007
Angelina Cart   02/05/2007
George Webb   02/04/2007
Connie Leonards   02/03/2007
Ella Mae Wriborg   02/02/2007
Willard Reed   02/01/2007
Emily Elizabeth Stewart   01/28/2007
John Domingue   01/25/2007
Tony Trumps   01/24/2007
Charles Pridgeon   01/21/2007
Sonya Connolly   01/17/2007
Hilda Greenman   01/15/2007
Melissa Greenman   01/15/2007
Violet Gaspard   01/14/2007
Vincent Cradeur   01/13/2007
Sandra Ann Ali   01/09/2007
Philip Cagnina, Sr.   01/06/2007
James Scott, Jr.   01/06/2007
Larfay Ancelet   01/02/2007
Eugene Thomas   01/02/2007
Edith Bigelow   01/01/2007
Elizabeth Muller   12/31/2006
Ella Kebodeaux   12/25/2006
Lucille Jeffers   12/24/2006
Venice Fontenot   12/22/2006
Leobelle Martin   12/21/2006
Theresa LeJeune   12/17/2006
Earl Dunphy   12/11/2006
Fred Kiesel   12/10/2006
Noime Benoit   12/10/2006
Lila Lee Williams   12/09/2006
Mae Breaux   12/09/2006
Alice Hebert   12/04/2006
Alice Elaine Cassedy   11/28/2006
Jay Stark   11/23/2006
David Abshire   11/22/2006
Joycie Mire   11/22/2006
Rose Marie Schmid   11/18/2006
Helen Cradeur   11/15/2006
Thelma Leger   11/15/2006
Marie LeJeune   11/14/2006
Robert LaBorde   11/08/2006
Dorothy Lyons   11/06/2006
Pearl Ann Arceneaux   11/05/2006
Lee Prather   11/04/2006
Maud Black   10/31/2006
Michelle Lambert   10/29/2006
Florence Broussard   10/28/2006
Gerald Maynard, Sr.   10/27/2006
Carbert Floyd   10/19/2006
Chad Newman   10/17/2006
Melvina Michael   10/17/2006
Henry Cooper   10/16/2006
Wayne Trahan   10/14/2006
Stanley Atkinson   10/12/2006
Thelma Romaine   10/12/2006
Donald Simon   10/11/2006
Donald Guillory   10/08/2006
Warren Hoffpauir   10/03/2006
Harold Gonzales   09/27/2006
Nadien Price   09/27/2006
Nadine Price   09/27/2006
Inez Benoit   09/27/2006
Steven LeJeune   09/26/2006
Paul Chester   09/25/2006
Donna Stutes   09/25/2006
Emery Leger   09/22/2006
Glenn Johnson   09/19/2006
Lillie Deshotel   09/19/2006
Larry Davis   09/17/2006
Beatrice Sonnier   09/17/2006
Dometile Marceaux   09/16/2006
Evelyn Samson   09/14/2006
Sallie Crawford   09/10/2006
Don Quinn   09/09/2006
John Mattox   09/02/2006
Melba Meaux   08/31/2006
Joseph Sarver, Jr.   08/28/2006
Vanita McClelland   08/28/2006
Viola Richard   08/27/2006
Elizabeth Hayes   08/26/2006
Randy Adams   08/24/2006
Elzora Pousson   08/20/2006
Elzora Pousson   08/20/2006
Emily Lowe   08/19/2006
Avie Johnson   08/11/2006
Christine Chisholm   08/09/2006
Bailey Miller   08/09/2006
Estina Monceaux   08/07/2006
Frank Leger   08/06/2006
Edith Lavergne   07/31/2006
Barbara Brigola   07/30/2006
Jo Anna Anderson   07/30/2006
Lula Borde   07/24/2006
Mark Miguez   07/20/2006
Martha Stakes   07/19/2006
Lena Hebert   07/15/2006
Henry Mitchell   07/12/2006
Calvin Broussard   07/10/2006
Jason Stutes   07/09/2006
Allen Morgan   07/08/2006
Uray Meaux   07/07/2006
Dudley Roy   07/06/2006
Mildred Louise Unverzagt   07/05/2006
David Doucet   07/02/2006
Rebecca Whiting   07/01/2006
Eve Julia Hargrave   06/27/2006
Deanna Guillory   06/25/2006
Richard Hebert   06/23/2006
Rosalie Menard   06/23/2006
Esther Andrus   06/22/2006
Bernice Bonnie   06/21/2006
Willard Welch