You are fortunate that you have a choice of many fine funeral firms in the area.  Most of these firms offer standard services at fair prices.  We would be honored if you choose to consider us.  With large new conglomerates spending tens-of-thousands of advertising dollars comparing funeral prices in the area, we became concerned that consumers would think price is the only factor in selecting a funeral home.  While we agree price is an important factor, what you receive for that price, and who provides it, is just as important.

   One may be tempted to conclude our extensive personalized service offerings and fine facilities come at a cost.  We can now demonstrate that you don’t have to spend a lot to get the finest in funeral & cremation services.

   An independent marketer gathered pricing data from other funeral homes, both privately and conglomerate owned, and we have posted the results for you to compare.  Most firms prefer not to discuss their pricing in public advertising and we respect that decision, thus you will only see geographic areas indicated in most of this price graph;  for the few who do advertise pricing, the firm names are included.

   At our family-owned and operated funeral homes your will see not only a significant  savings in cost compared to other local funeral homes, but an array of services and options not even offered by many.  The graph will show you how our prices compare, even to the large new conglomerates.

   Even if you are not interested in the many options we offer, and you are concerned strictly about price only, please review our “price match guarantee”.  This should ease your concern about receiving the best possible value.

   Following the graph are some suggested service groupings that many families we have served in the past have selected.  Keep in mind these are only suggestions; you can select any combination of items you desire to compose a personalized service of your own design.

Please request a "General Price List" for more detail on these selections.